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Old 10-07-12, 06:28 PM
vamp2syd vamp2syd is offline
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Beavercreek 14 Wayne 13

Beavercreek 07 00 07 00 - 14
HH Wayne _ 07 06 00 00 - 13

First off, Congrats to Beavercreek for one heck of a performance in beating Wayne for the first time in over 25 years and the Beavercreek fans who came out in the cold, windy, rainy weather to support their team. What got Beavercreek the win was the performance of the O-line and D-line and consistent run game that kept their offense on the field for most of the game...

Beavercreek rushed the ball 71 times and all you need is 3.34 yards to keep the sticks moving and that is what they got averaging 3.5 yards per carry. Every drive of every series seemed to come down to a 3rd and 3 which they converted most of the time. When they failed they went for it on 4th down and converted 4 of 5. 5 different Beavers carried the load running the ball and they were led by M. Berry's 69 yards but when they needed that key conversion it was what Wayne fans? That's right... Sweep right to Moore who finished with 47 yards....

Now for Wayne.... well, at 5-2 it has now become a disappointing as nothing less than 9-1 and an outright GWOC-C title would be accepted. As for the playoffs, well, they start next week for Wayne. It is now time to rant for a bit and I will jump forward to late in the 4th quarter with Wayne driving inside Beavercreeks' RED ZONE trailing 14-13. It is the 3rd and 1 call. Now, we have seen Harrison under center before bit for some reason they decide to put him in shotgun meaning that he or McFadden would need to go 6 yards at a stand still to get a first down. Normally it would not matter but in this game in those conditions Beavercreek's defensive line was getting penetration all night. [Why Wayne did not try a screen in this game is puzzling] Line up under center and sneak it. You have 2 tries to get one freaking yard... well, that did not happen instead it turned into a 4th and 2. Now we can debate on if Wayne should go for it or try the field goal, personally with the conditions I would of gone for it, but I am fine on the decision. Now, here is where I have a huge problem. The FG failed as the snap was fumbled but there is still 2 minutes in the game. Wayne has zero time outs but there still is a way to get back in the game. We all know how slow the officials are at placing the ball and starting the play clock late in games so Beavercreek can run out of the clock... Well, think about it.... Just LET THEM SCORE on the next play. It would of made it 21-13 and Wayne would of gotten the ball back with 1:50 left to go. Why didn't any of the coaches think of this? I was yelling it until I was hoarse in the stands.....

Now... what will happen? Well, remember 2010. Wayne just lost a very tough game to Springfield which about eliminated them from the playoffs. They could of folded up the season but instead they went out and beat the ELKS in Centerville and the BOLTS in Northmont. Waited for a Xenia win over Miamisburg in the late hours of week 10 which gave them the extra L2 points to slip them into the 8th seed and the eventual run to state. This Wayne team can do it and hopefully the Beavercreek game woke their arses up because guess what, you will not win games by just showing up any more. I believe that this team will regroup and come out and put a whooping on that team down South next week and win out to make the playoffs....

Go Wayne.... Believe!!!!
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Old 10-07-12, 07:42 PM
vamp2syd vamp2syd is offline
All Yappi
Join Date: 09-24-02
Location: HH Wayne 35 Moeller 17
Posts: 35,659
vamp2syd will become famous soon enough
Wayne/Beavercreek JV and freshman score? Anyone know....
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Old 10-07-12, 08:58 PM
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Lets go Wayne
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Wayne JV won 60-8
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Old 10-07-12, 11:18 PM
HHW96 HHW96 is offline
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I remember in the preseason that it was stated key players would play both ways when needed. On the 3rd and 1 in the 4th, why was Peterson not put in to help get the first down?

Hopefully this is the wake up call that was needed for this team to find some urgency. That it what has been missing this year which tell me the Seniors need to step up.
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Old 10-08-12, 07:01 AM
FieldNative937 FieldNative937 is offline
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Waynes freshman won 58-28
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Old 10-08-12, 07:04 AM
King Arthur King Arthur is offline
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Wayne can't be any good if they lost to Beavercreek.
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Old 10-08-12, 03:35 PM
wayne60 wayne60 is offline
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Originally Posted by King Arthur View Post
Wayne can't be any good if they lost to Beavercreek.
And... Alter cant be that good if they beat Fairmont by a TD.
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