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Old 09-21-12, 12:00 AM
Coachpatilla Coachpatilla is offline
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The cost benefits of a 2 year college plan.

Why community/junior colleges may not be a bad choice.

Hi this is Coach Patilla talking the cost benefit analysis for student-athletes who choose a two year college plan versus a 4 year college plan at a division 2 private school. If college affordability, a degree the provides a student-athlete with the skills to get a 30-40K a year job and a chance to play college football/basketball is the goal, read on!

The average cost of a private school according to finaid.org is $38,589. When you do the MATH…you find some interesting facts…If you are a need based family and receive full Pell Grant the cost is reduced by $5,500 to $33,890…Because a NCAA Division II football program receives only 36 scholarships, the coaches break them into smaller scholarships based on what they expect players to contribute to the program.
Read the rest here:
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Old 09-21-12, 05:33 AM
queencitybuckeye queencitybuckeye is offline
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Old 09-21-12, 07:37 AM
fantastic50 fantastic50 is offline
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This doesn't consider that many private colleges, particularly those that are selective and financially stable, give out a lot of need-based and merit-based aid, in addition to what the federal government gives out. While most of the better small colleges (which generally have D3 athletics, not D2) in the state have a "sticker price" of $40K-$50K per year, some students end up paying less there than they would at OSU or other public universities.

That being said, two years at a community college is a great option for many young people.
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Old 09-21-12, 02:13 PM
EagleNation1 EagleNation1 is offline
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Very interesting article and makes alot of sence.
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