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Ryan Lukens is on the cover...

...of the Ohio State Alumni Magazine. Every year the Ohio State Alumni Magazine does a feature article about the upcomoing season. This year the feature article was about Ryan Lukens being a successful walk on. There are lots of pix and a really nice article about Ryan's 4+ years at Ohio State. Congratulations Ryan! We look forward to seeing you in the Buckeyes backfield this fall!
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Old 07-04-08, 02:38 PM
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RL's tOSU Alumni magazine cover story spans 8 pages...

Here's shorter piece from tOSU Alumni Association site...

Two of a Kind: Father and Son Reflect on Their Coaches

To this day, one of Bill Lukens' favorite pastimes involves getting together with former Buckeye football players and telling stories about their coach-Woody Hayes.

"Woody was a colorful guy," said Bill Lukens, who lettered at guard for Ohio State from 1974 through 1976. "But it gets overlooked that he was a father figure and a teacher and a friend. He was more than a football coach and I think most of the guys I played with feel the same way."

Lukens son, Ryan, has a similar opinion of his college football coach-Jim Tressel. Ryan Lukens joined the Buckeye football program as a walk-on three years ago and has shared some of the same unique experiences his father had in the 1970s.

Both agree that they loved their time at Ohio State and both point to their coaches as one of the big reasons for their enjoyment. They also are ready to let fans in on a secret-although Tressel and Hayes have decidedly different public personas, they are more alike than you'd think.

"Woody didn't care about anything except his team," Bill Lukens said. "He would do anything for his team, and I see that in Tressel.

"Woody shaped my whole life. He took boys and turned them into men, and I feel fortunate that Ryan has a similar type of coach. I know that [Tressel] cares more about Ryan as a person than as a football player. That's how Woody was."

The Lukens' say that both coaches fostered the idea of a team as a family. Even as an unrecruited walk-on, Ryan Lukens said he has never felt like he was a second-class citizen with the Buckeyes.

"With coach Tressel, if you are on the team you are on the team," Ryan Lukens said. "He knows everyone, whether you are a walk-on or a starter. I remember that first year being amazed that he knew every kid, their hometown, their high school, their high school coach, everything. He's just amazing with that stuff."

Tressel also has a keen appreciation for Buckeye history and was well aware of the contributions Bill Lukens made to Ohio State football.

But even Bill Lukens, a former team captain, was amazed at the level of kindness Tressel showed his son prior to the annual Captains' Breakfast two years ago.

"All former captains are invited to that breakfast and they get to spend the morning before the Michigan game with the guys on the travel team," Bill Lukens said. "Only guys on the travel team get to go, and Ryan hadn't been on the travel team all year.

"Then, all of a sudden, Ryan was on the traveling team that week. The only reason for him to be on the traveling team that week was that so he and I could be at the Captains Breakfast together. That was pretty special, but it doesn't surprise me. Coach Tressel is just a special guy. He and Woody understand what it's all about."

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Old 07-23-08, 12:07 PM
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From 2'day's Cincy Enqueer.....

Call it an animal family

Three generations of Lukens veterinarians have cared for animals in Greater Cincinnati for nearly 100 years. Now, as the business prepares to expand, a fourth-generation family member is studying to get involved.

Dr. Bill Lukens runs the Lebanon Equine Clinic, a veterinary practice that cares for show and performance horses. Next month, the family plans to open the Lebanon Small Animal Clinic to expand the business.

If all goes well, Lukens' son, Ryan, will continue the family tradition. Ryan, 22, starts classes this fall in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University. He plans to complete the program in 2012.

Ryan also will share another bond with his father - Ohio State football. Ryan, a state championship wrestler at Moeller High School, also was a linebacker for the Moeller football team. He is expected to play fullback for the Buckeyes this season.

His father, Bill, played under Woody Hayes as an offensive guard. He was team captain in 1976.

Developing the muscles needed to play football definitely helps in their chosen profession, Bill Lukens said.

"The horses are bigger, stronger and faster than any football player I ever came up against," he said.

Bill Lukens has practiced in the Lebanon area since graduating from Ohio State's veterinary program in 1980. He began his career at the Lebanon Raceway and settled in the area on a 30-acre farm called Twin Ponds.

The family's long-standing connection with the veterinary school goes back to the horse-and-buggy days of the early 1900s.

Ryan's great-grandfather, William Raymond Lukens, graduated in 1912 and opened a general practice in Hillsboro. He treated any animal that needed help. Veterinarians didn't specialize in large or small animals at that time.

Ryan's great-uncle, William Lewis Lukens, was a second-generation graduate of Ohio State's veterinary school. He also practiced in the Hillsboro area after graduation in 1938.

Ryan plans to join his father's practice when he finishes school. It will be a natural transition. He said he's been going on calls with his dad since he was young.

Ryan and his two siblings always had animals around them on the farm, which now boards about 25 horses.

With the new small-animal clinic, there'll be room in the practice whether Ryan decides to specialize in large or small animals.


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During Freshman Orientation a couple weeks ago my daughter and I were in a session with a woman from the admissions department at OSU's Vet school(my daughter wants to be a veterinarian some day). I asked her about Ryan Lukens and she said he is in for a tough fall quarter with his classes and playing football. `She said that first year in Vet School is very difficult and requires a lot of time.

With Ryan's dicsipline in wrestling and football I know he will nail it but when you watch him on the football field this fall, not only can he be admired for his accomplishments on the football field but knowing what he is going through in the classroom makes it even more impressive.

Good Luck Ryan!!!!
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