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Dublin Coffman 2019

It's Less than three weeks until camp starts and there is a bit of time to get those last gains of strength and speed to prepare for the rigors of camp and the season at large.

A lot of skill , a lot of answers and a few key questions need to be answered but it should be a very interesting year on Coffman road. 2018 season is done , was a good year for sure, but a few disappointments as well , a few too many injuries and the last game was not a great performance .

Some unfinished business remains , but equipped with 9 players who either started full time or saw significant snaps on defense including three power five recruits , and 6 on offense including top playmakers Drennan { 36 Offers including OSU } Diallo Williamson and hopefully a breakout performance by standout athlete Yousey , it will be a team that will make a lot of plays on both sides of the ball .

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Football off-season at all levels is close to ending. All consistent winning programs including NFL franchises do the best job of evaluating their personnel and coming up with a plan to best utilize what you are working with.

What do you do well and how to best put your players in the best positions to succeed. Asking players to do jobs they can handle and help the perfect and grown within that role .

As a player grows some extra responsibility or a bigger role can be added or adjusted. I think many people assume all you need is good talented players and that determines a teams fortunes for that season .

It goes deeper than that. It's about being on the same page and working for the same goals . Some really talented players go their way a bit worry about recruitment and sometimes aren't as focused on their HS team as they should be. If you have a few of those guys it hurts the chemistry of the team and the trust the players have in each other.

All winning programs have developed a culture and a plan of action and work hard to build consistency . Davidson culture for instance is heavily rooted in controlling the controlables . Fundamentals , being tough mentally and physically and sticking to a plan of success 3-4 yards at a time and trying to be very difficult to play against and break teams down mentally and physically.

Coffman culture is more QB driven but wants balance . It runs it's program with the belief that the players are responsible for their actions . It' sup to them to be coachable, pay attention to detail , learn their assignments and their alignments if you will and if you look back at their history the team that were most successful were the teams that had that sweet spot of talent and having high character smart kids who had some experience and took care of their jobs and more importantly KNEW their jobs .

Saw on the twitter feed that the 2009 team will be featured at halftime of a game this year , and that team was a great example of being a team that was very good at the little things and lost in the regional final to Davidson ending at 12-1 being the only team to beat Davidson that year . They didn't have the best talent that year, they had some good football players no question , and a D-1 QB but he got hurt in week 7 { And lost their best defensive player in week 11} but the team still did well and was a very sound fundamental team.

I have gone over some things on the 2018 thread that the team could learn from last years games . Consistency and playing as close to their full potential week to week is something that can be improved. Better starts to games .

With 9 guys back who played lot of football on defense the types of improvements that can be made come with experience . Recognizing patterns better when defending the pass. better breaks on the ball , quicker play recognition . Improved angles taken when tackling in the open field. Rocks have some heavy hitter sin the secondary , they knock people down and drive through the ball carrier . BUT wrapping up when needed instead of trying for a big hit too often needs to be improved.

Certain things and factors are universal in what is important to winning football games. What does your team do well and how can that translate to taking care of these factors .

Turnovers , with a new QB for the 4th straight year it is imperative that you develop good habits in the passing game that will lessen the number of high risk throws. With a rebuilding O-Line and the quality of the skill kids I would say getting the ball out quickly into the hands of the playmakers and helping the O-line out by not asking them to hold blocks as long at least initially might be a good plan . QB 1 isn't decided just yet but the Junior Mathews is an athlete who can carry the rock . Best natural runner at QB since James Walsh { 2011, 2012 starter} . A more physical runner than James but like him will be capable of moving the sticks with his legs which should help another key component to winning ballgames which is third down conversion percentage.

A sometimes overlooked stat that really can be key is getting negative plays from your defense , putting teams in long down and distances more frequently . Coffman has this capability this year and was pretty good getting at it last year. Pass rushers ,Bramonte , Russell in down positions and Williams coming form OLB proved tough for some teams to handle at times and all three return and should be better this year. Add in playmaker and most versatile performer Junior Bryon threats who can play outside LB corner or safety and just about anywhere else depending on the certain scheme and situation and you have great potential to wreak a lot of havoc in the backfield.

Davidson by the way does their absolute best to avoid any possibility of these NEGATIVE offensive plays by their style . They do sometimes get dinged by the occasional chop block penalty because of their propensity to double team guys and one sometimes goes high and one low.

Special teams are often a difference maker in determining victors as well . Field position is part of this idea . Stoneburner 2014- 2016 was a huge weapon especially in his last year flipping field position with his booming punts . Thins didn't work out for Caleb as a receiver at Boston College but I felt and still feel he could have had a shot at being as punter professionally if he had chosen to go that route. I still remember seeing him punt the ball in 7th grade in the game vs Sells { I was at Karrer watching my daughter in the Dublin Quad MS CC meet} I watched a handful of plays while waiting for the race to start . I saw this booming punt you wouldn't expect to see from a 7th grade game . I didn't know it was him . I asked a guy who it was and he told me Jakes Little brother . Anyway Punting can be key not only in distance but placement . Coverage should be good with the type of kids they have but they will have a new punter this year. Joey Mitchell took care of both last year and had a good career and will be kicking in college.

Junior Casey Magyar is a good prospect and would have bene the guy at many schools last year but had to wait until Mitchell left. He has 45 yard range . Has a little Kyle Clinton in him { Kicker on the excellent 2009 team ] who walked on at Ohio State and while he never won the placekicking job he did handle kickoffs at times .

Coffman had an excellent return guy in Threats who returned a punt and a KO for Td's playing in only 5 games.. Obviously Drennan and Williamson { One KO return TD} can return kicks but I think threats may be the guy they want back there returning as many as he can.

Lastly for today anyway, explosive plays is a factor in the big scheme of wining as well if you will . Coffman certainly has the big play capability with their talented playmakers and with the experience and talent in the secondary especially I feel they should have more explosive plays on offense than their opponents will have against the defense .

In other years this has been a problem. They gave up more explosive big plays than they made. I don't see it being a problem this year.
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