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Alliance D-2 District Rankings #4

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

Please let me know if anyone has inside information about new weights, schools, or wrestlers that they think should be added.

Iíve tried shifting the wrestlers around from schools that changed divisions. Please let me know if any are wrong, or if Iím forgetting any schools/wrestlers.

* = unsure about participation

1. Jacob Decatur- CVCA (1st, 6th state)
2. Garrett Lautzenheiser- Louisville (7th middle school state)
3. Kyle Rowan- Perry (5th district)
4. Jason Mayes- Jefferson
5. Dierre Clayton- SVSM (8th middle school state 2016)
6. Ethan Fletcher- Canfield (8th middle school state)
7. Conner Burrus- Hubbard
8. Anthony Sagaris- Aurora

Lautzenheiser claimed the Top Gun title after toughing out a 3-2 semifinal fin over Colin Roberts and posting a 20-3 tech over state placer Boot Kuhlins in the finals.

Rowan bested Fletcher (17-5) and Mayes (12-5) on his way to a title at Perry. He also finished 2nd to nationally ranked Jacob Moon at Clay where he beat former middle school state champ Zack Mattin 15-4 in the semifinals.

Clayton finished 3rd at Top Gun where he avenged an earlier loss to Colin Roberts with an 11-3 victory in the consolation finals.

Mayes finished 2nd at Perry where he beat Jacob Burnett of Erie Cathedral Prep 4-2 in the semis.

1. Christian Wayt- West Branch (5th state)
2. Matthew Williams- CVCA
3. Sean Neff- Streetsboro (6th district)
4. Nick Began- Orange (6th district 2016)
5. Jake Hamulak- Chardon
6. Ryan Jakubiak- Louisville
7. Anthony Trivasono- Lake Catholic
8. Hunter Miller- Canton S.

Wayt claimed a title at Top Gun (@120) where he beat Davin Rhoads 14-6 in the quarters, bested Mason McCarty 15-0 in the semis, and bested PA state placer Isaac Crowell 13-6 in the finals.

Williams won 6 straight consolation bouts while placing 4th at Clay, including a 3-1 sudden victory triumph over Pino DiPierno who had pinned him in the first round.

Hamulak finished 7th at Top Gun where he bested Jakubiak 9-2.

1. Matt Cardello- CVCA (3rd, 7th, 8th state)
2. Dominic Carone- Streetsboro (2nd, 5th state)
3. Hunter Ryan- Lake Catholic (4th, 6th state)
4. Kyle Petersen- Aurora (SQ)
5. Sam Van Sickle- SVSM (7th middle school state)
6. Davin Rhoads- Louisville (2nd middle school state)
7. Joe Averill- University
8. Mason McCarty- Marlington

Ryan pinned Matthew Whipkey in the finals of the CIT to claim the tournament title.

VanSickel won 7 straight consolation bouts to place 3rd at Top Gun, including a pin over Rhoads in the consolation finals.

1. Jordan Decatur- CVCA (1st state)
2. David Massey- Woodridge (6th state)
3. Connor McCrone- Lake Catholic (5th, 4th state)
4. Joe Wright- Coventry (8th state)
5. Hunter Olson- SVSM (SQ)
6. Alex DelGarbino- Girard (5th district)
7. Isaiah Smith- Field
8. McCoy Watkins- Canfield

Decatur bumped up to 132 for the Maumee Bay Classic where he teched state placer Caden Blust 23-7 in the semis before pinning state placer Josh Breeding in the title match.

McCrone bested state qualifier Isaiah Wortham 7-3 in the finals of the CIT to earn the title.

I havenít seen a result from state qualifier Luke Hewitt (Hoban) yet this season, so Iím removing him from the rankings. Iíll reinsert him if he surfaces.

1. Jack Gorman- Aurora (SQ, 8th state 2016)
2. Ed Suber- SVSM (7th state)
3. Josh Baitt- Jefferson (5th district)
4. Carter Mickley- Louisville
5. Miles Knuckles- Coventry
6. Brandon Reeves- Woodridge (6th district)
7. Kaleb Kiss- Norton (6th district)
8. Oggy Ford- Alliance

Suber returned to action with a runner-up finish at Top Gun where he pinned Mickley in the quarters and knocked off state qualifier Connor Brennan 11-2 in the semis.

Baitt finished 2nd at Perry where he beat district placer Jeff Brichford 6-2 in the semis.

1. Luke Wymer- SVSM (4th state)
2. Andy Garr- Aurora (SQ 2016)
3. Cole Bailey- Southeast (5th district 2016)
4. Skyler Curry- Alliance
5. Austin Pownall- CVCA (1st middle school state)
6. Eric El-Hayek- Canfield
7. Mike Hamski- Jefferson
8. Justin Rayner- Chagrin Falls

Wymer won the title at Top Gun after beating state qualifier Maxx Peters 5-3 in OT in the semis and knocking off PA state qualifier Jeff Boyd 2-1 in the Tiebreak in the finals.

Curry finished 4th at Top Gun where he beat a very tough Ben Blickle 9-5 in the blood round.

Pownall finished 7th at Clay where he pinned A.J. Szigeti in the 7th place final.

1. Jax Leonard- Louisville (8th state)
2. Bret Baker- Norton (7th state)
3. Zach Rodgers- Alliance
4. Jake Potok- SVSM (SQ)
5. Sean OíDwyer- University
6. Dakota Ryan- Lake Cath.
7. Ethan Ducca- Chardon (6th district)
8. Jeff Dunfee- Ravenna

Leonard finished 3rd at Top Gun where he beat state placer Dakota Bunting 6-5, pinned Jake Potok, defeated state qualifier Nick Burgard 9-7, and bested Zach Rodgers 5-0.

Becker finished 2nd at the Gorman where he beat Jaret Lowery 12-2 in the semifinals.

Rodgers had a very impressive Top Gun Tournament, placing 4th after pinning PA state placer Leno Ciotti and defeating state qualifier Beau Smith.

1. Will McGhee- Aurora (5th district)
2. Dylan Miller- West Branch (SQ)
3. Jared Musci- SVSM (SQ)
4. Isaac Yoho- Woodridge (SQ 2016)
5. Chris Flohr- Norton
6. Chris Anderson- Streetsboro
7. Luke McKeon- Lake Catholic (SQ)
8. Justin West- CVCA (6th district, 6th district 2016)

Miller placed 5th at Top Gun where he defeated Musci 7-2 in the quarterfinals.

McKeon returned to the mat with a 2nd place finish at the CIT where he beat state qualifier Billy Luft 7-5 in sudden victory in the semis.

1. Kevon Freeman- Lake Catholic (1st, 1st, 6th state)
2. Caleb Cass- Cloverleaf (6th state)
3. Stefan Farian- Revere (6th district)
4. Peter Biery- West Branch
5. Jamil Bannister- Girard (5th district)
6. Kaleb Dohse- Southeast (5th district)
7. Ben Cutrer- Canfield
8. Richie Eyre- Tallmadge

I havenít seen a result from David Johnson this season, so Iíve removed him from the rankings until he resurfaces.

Biery placed 8th at Top Gun where he beat Dohse 8-3 in the consolation rounds.

1. Anthony DíAlesio- Canfield (4th state)
2. Hank Carey- Streetsboro (SQ)
3. Cole Hivnor- Lake Catholic (1st middle school state)
4. Quinton Kelley- Hoban (3rd state)
5. Spencer Robinson- Woodridge (SQ)
6. Marcus Davis- Alliance
7. Jack Rogan- (Akron) Springfield
8. Austin Hinzman- Coventry

Hivnor won a title at the CIT where he beat Dom DiPietro 3-2 before defeating Austin Belcher 5-2 in the finals.

Davis placed 4th at Top Gun (@182) where he pinned middle school state champ Kenny Marra and avenged an earlier loss to Willie Beverly with an 8-1 victory.

1. David Crawford- Canfield (1st, 4th, 6th state)
2. David Heath- SVSM (3rd state)
3. Duce Johnson- Alliance (3rd state)
4. Devin West- Buchtel
5. Rocco Pearce- Cloveleaf
6. Sam Eldridge- Chardon
7. Kenny Marra- West Branch (1st middle school state)
8. Nate Amato- Tallmadge (3rd middle school state)

Crawford majored PA state placer Luigi Yates 11-3 in the finals of the Perry Pin City Invitational.

Heath earned a tournament title at Top Gun where he beat West Virginia state champ Zane Lanham 6-4 in the finals.

Eldridge finished 3rd at Perrysburg and 7th at Top Gun, posting a pin over Kenny Marra at the latter event.

1. Nick Crawford- Canfield
2. Cory Stallings- Cloverleaf (5th district)
3. C.J. Williams- Norton (6th district)
4. Colin McNamara- Aurora
5. Mike Lobosky- Chardon
6. Beckett Fant- Revere
7. Kaymen Andrews- Alliance
8. Lucas Woolf- West Branch

Crawford finished 2nd at Perry where he beat Jordan Greer 7-2 in the semis.

Williams finished 3rd at the Gorman, avenging his quarterfinal loss to state qualifier Jacob Campbell with a pin in the consolation finals.

1. Tyler Stein- Canfield (SQ)
2. Breslin Walker- CVCA (SQ)
3. Brandon Matlock- Howland (4th state)
4. Chavion Young- Alliance
5. Blake Robbins- Louisville
6. Ben Hornacek- Norton (6th district)
7. Reilly Cipullo- Cloverleaf
8. Lucas Pritchett- Ravenna

Stein bested Jack Roesch 10-3 in the finals at Perry to earn the title.

Walker won the Maumee Bay Classic where he bested state finalist Brandon Phillips 12-8 in sudden victory in the semis before knocking off state qualifier Noah Price in the finals.

Young finished 4th at Top Gun where he beat Kole Aubiel 3-2 in the consolation semis.

1. Jack Del Garbino- Girard (4th state)
2. Daniel Kapalko- Canfield
3. Alex Leasure- Alliance (SQ)
4. Alan Christine- Conneaut
5. Chris Julian- Howland
6. Austin Hindley- Woodridge (6th district)
7. Adam Neill- SVSM
8. Connor Franks- Tallmadge

Del Garbino pinned his way to a title at Top Gun, sticking state qualifier Tyler Connelly in the semis and district placer Travis Kuttler in the finals.

Leasure placed 4th at Top Gun where he avenged both of his losses at Brecksville, pinning Lyle Clark in OT and then defeating state qualifier Tyler Connelly 9-6.

I removed Matt Holman (CVCA) from the rankings until he resurfaces.

1. Canfield
4. Aurora
5. Alliance
6. Lake Catholic
7. Louisville
8. West Branch

There are still some big line-up questions with the top teams at this district. I havenít seen David Johnson (SVSM) or Matt Holman (CVCA) in the line-up yet, and Iím uncertain as to their future status. Their presence could potentially shake up the top 3 teams.
The next 4 teams are all within a whisker of each other, and teams like Woodridge and Streetsboro are very close to West Branch.

SVSM won the tournament title, Louisville finished 4th, Alliance finished 7th, and West Branch placed 11th at Top Gun.

CVCA placed 4th at the Maumee Bay Classic despite being without the services of Jacob Decatur and Cardello.

Canfield finished 3rd at the Perry Pin City Invitational despite being without DíAlesio, Kapalko, Cutrer, and El-Hayek.

Lake Catholic finished as the runner-up to Elder at the CIT.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baumís Page and Jakeís Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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Tri - dual meet versus the projected top three teams out of the Alliance District will battle at SVSM this Friday @ 6pm. SVSM, Canfield, and CVCA tri meet should be interesting. Clearly tournament success does not equal dual meet success, but this should be a glimpse on how the Alliance district team race could go.

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