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RED Flag/Federal league

This post is mostly for Canton McKinley and it also is for those in the Federal league I honestly hope that you can understand the point as you look at the example just remove your school name insert McKinley. These are several Red Flags that the Federal league needs to address.

This is what I am highlighting at this time I have several more that need addressed and if you are a fan of a member school this is not in no way directed at you. You must understand that your administration is not giving you the best that's out there I just trying to raise awareness of this situation.

For a long time I have not been in favor of us Canton McKinley being in the Federal League as many of you know. The last 6 weeks the Red flags for this reason are there as hopefully you all have been paying attention.

The state average for a league is 7 games same Division in other words having 70% of the schools in the same Division. The Federal has for us

Jackson (1)
GlenOak (1)
Perry (1)

North Canton (2)
Green (2)
Lake (2)

This does not give us any strength in scheduling for computer points as this puts everyone at a dis advantage. The other part of this equation is the number of playoff teams other than league on your schedule.

Jackson (Mayfield) D-2
Perry (None)
GlenOak (Toledo Whitmer)D-1
(Massillon Washington)D-2
(Cleveland St. Ignatius)D-1

North Canton (Bishop Hartley)D-3
Green (Ashland)D-2
(Medina Highland)D-2
Lake (Ashland)D-2

This is the history of the Federal league playoff for this year as these are the teams that made the playoffs on there schedule.
None of these except Cleveland St. Ignatius. has a history and schedule

Massillon's Schedule had good strength this year that beat them
Mentor- D-1 final 4
Akron St.V- D-3 final 4
Canisius NY State championship game playing and defending State Champions

Depth and strength of schedule is key.

We Canton McKinley had no D-1 schools at all on our Independent side of the schedule
Warren G. Harding D-2
Wayne Hills NJ. D-3*
Hudson D-2
Massillon Washington D-2
*Denotes all of there schedule was at an Ohio equivalent to a D-3

The schedule the way it is with the Federal league does not bennifet us at all. We need to have at least the min. of 5 and no more than 6 schools in the same division to work. With each member school limiting the number of D-2 schools on its schedule. The Federal league has not addressed this at all also the stability of member schools.

The big factor is traveling issue with some schools as some of the schools schedule with a budget. If we would stay we should require to playing with a schedule that benefits us. If we don't we seriously need to leave as we truly have been a good money maker for them.

The legitimacy of the D-1 Schools that could be added that are close by though also have a history of having strong programs are as follows.

Stow-Munroe Falls

The other part of this equation is stability with those schools that have enrollment issues that are on the boarder or will be changing in the very near future.

Massillon Perry is projected to drop by 50 to D-2
Lake is also projected to drop by 73 to D-3
Those numbers are based upon current enrollment that is projected with the + side factor of new people moving into the district. This truly should be a concern to not only us but others who are currently members of the Federal league.

These are some Red flag issues that need to be addressed. When we went into the Federal league there was and to this day no accountability structure by the Canton City Schools BOE. about our membership roll. There are many more Red flag issues that have yet to be mentioned.

Before McKinley joined the Federal league I used to work at a certain Federal league school and yes to this day they still treat McKinley differently than the rest of the schools

I can identify the 3 schools that have not changed their treatment towards McKinley.

North Canton

It was a unanimous Vote to let us in and if a vote was to be held those 3 also has changed their mind. Today they would be a no vote.

We also have a problem with other schools who will schedule us but donít want to because of our affiliation with the Federal league, some ADs across the state have a problem with the Federal league the way it operates its business.

We can dream about having certain schools in a league all we want and that's fine I'm fine with that but the ADs and administrations are NOT doing their job and not doing it the right way. Let us be honest also is your school giving you it's best as a Taxpayer.
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Actually doubling down on this lunacy.
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We get it, you don’t want McKinley to be in the Federal League.

It is also apparent that the powers that be don’t agree with you or they wouldn’t be in the league.

It’s not all about football, there are many other factors that go it this decision.
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sorry, but i am calling BS. McKinley was and IS welcome in the Fed. The fans are reasonable and do not cause trouble at the games. Travel is something that should be done. If you make the playoffs you MUST travel at some point. Having 6 or 7 teams in the Fed is perfect. You can go outside the league and schedule who you want for the remaining 3.
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How does your nephew attorney feel about this? What words of wisdom can he contribute?
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Why don't you go and talk to McKinley's administration and have them leave the Fed....if they want to leave they will leave. Would save your keyboard from all the abuse you give it

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