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PONY / Palomino - Youngstown in final three

At the PONY / Palomino (18u) World Series in Santa Clara (CA) the Youngstown team (Baird's?) is playing an elimination game today (Sunday) - if they win they will face the Los Gatos (CA) team for the championship;

Earlier the Youngstown team eliminated the CM Stars from Michigan;

High School affiliations are subject to my errors!

Unofficial scores stats -

#PONY / Palomino International World Series - August 3-6
Location - Santa Clara, CA
GameChanger site - https://gc.com/g/palominoworldseries2017
Bracket (as of 9pm 07/18) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...gid=1201274646

Teams (as of 9pm 07/25) -
Caribbean Zone - Aruba (Netherlands West Indies)
East Zone / US - Youngstown, OH
Mexico - Tijuana, Baja California/Mexico
North Zone / US - CM Stars, MI
South Zone / US - Harlingen Texas Stars
West Zone1 / US - Santa Clara Soldiers, CA
West Zone2 / US - Los Gatos Legend, CA
Host Team / California - Santa Clara Red Sox, CA

Schedule - Seven (7) inning games

*Thursday August 3 -
G1 - Aruba-10 (1-0), CM Stars/MI-9 (0-1)

G2 - Santa Clara Soldiers/CA-4 (1-0), Youngstown/OH-3 (0-1)
*V-Santa Clara Soldiers (4-2-0); SP/WP-Alex Williams (7/cg, 3R/3er, 7H, 1BB, 11K, 1-HBP); 2RBI (Josh Lauck-4); HR (Lauck/4R);
*H-Youngstown/OH (3-7-0); SP/LP-Joesph Rock (7ip/cg, 4R/4er, 2H, 6BB, 5K; Hopewell, PA/17 - Ohio?); 2H (Michael Turner (Champion, OH/17 - Kent State?); Travis Perry (Rocky Grove, PA / 18 - Youngstown State?)); RBI (Perry/2R); HR (Perry/); 2B (William Nixon (Blackhawk, PA/17?); Turner-2);

G3 - Los Gatos Legend/CA-10 (1-0), Tijuana, Baja California/Mexico-2 (0-1)

G4 - Santa Clara Red Sox-Host/CA-4 (1-0), Harlingen Texas Stars-3 (0-1)

*Friday August 4 -
G5 - Youngstown/OH-18 (1-1), CM Stars/MI-0 (0-2) - 5 innings - stats from GameChanger
*V-Youngstown/OH (18-18-1); SP/WP-Travis Perry (4ip, 0R, 0H, 3BB, 4K, 1-HBP; Rocky Grove, PA / 18 - Youngstown State?); 2nd-Maxx Harpalani (1ip, 0R, 1H, 1BB, 2K; Pine-Richland, PA/17 - Presbyterian); 2H (Jeff Wehler-4 (St Marys Area, PA/17 - Youngstown State); Mike Turner (Champion, OH/17 - Kent State?); Coleman Stauffer (Boardman, OH/17 - Mount Union); Jacob Maggi (Pine-Richland, PA/17 - George Washington); Perry); 2RBI (Dom Bucko (Knoch, PA/17 - Kent State); Wehler-4; Stauffer); HR (Wehler/2R); 3B (Bocko); 2B (Turner; Wehler-2; Caden Negley (Butler Area, PA/17 - Santa Clara); Stauffer);
*H-CM Stars/MI (0-1-0); SP/LP-Wakeman Edelbrock (3ip, 5R/5er, 7H, 2BB, 2K; Essexville Garber/18); 2nd-Garrett Sheridan (1-1/3ip, 6R/6er, 6H, 2BB, 1-HBP; Madison Heights Bishop Foley/17?); 3rd-Brett Walcutt (1/3ip, 7R/7er, 4H, 4BB, 1K; Chippewa Hills/17 - Cleary); 4th-Ryan Thomas (1/3ip, 0R, 1H, no BB; Romeo/20?);

G6 - Tijuana, Baja California/Mexico-12 (1-1), Harlingen Texas Stars-6 (0-2)

G7 - Santa Clara Soldiers/CA-6 (2-0), Aruba-5 (1-1)

G8 - Los Gatos Legend/CA-3 (2-0), Santa Clara Red Sox/CA-1 (1-1)

*Saturday August 5 -
G9 - Youngstown/OH-11 (2-1), Aruba-4 (1-2)
*V-Youngstown/OH (11-13-1); SP/nd-Andrew Shivak (1ip, 4R/3er, 1H, 2BB, 1K, 1-HBP; Gulf Coast HS, FL/17 - Youngstown State), 2nd/WP?-Ryan Weaver (6ip, 0R, 1H, 1BB, 4K, 3-HBP; Norwin, PA/17 - Penn State Erie-The Behrend College); 2H (Dom Bucko (Knoch, PA/17 - Kent State); Jeffery Wehler-3 (St Marys Area, PA/17 - Youngstown State); Michael Turner-3 (Champion, OH/17 - Kent State?); Noah Laster (Jackson-Milton HS, OH/17); Travis Perry (Rocky Grove, PA / 18 - Youngstown State?); Zachary Campbell (Howland. OH/17 - Tiffin)); 2RBI (Wehler-3; Turner-3; Perry-3); HR (Perry/1R; Wehler/3R); 2B (Bucko; Laster; Perry);
*H-Aruba (4-2-4); SP/LP?-T-Sean Martina (5-2/3ip, 9R/7er, 11H, 4BB, 3K, 1-HBP); 2nd-Dani Gomes (1ip, 2R/1er, 2H, no BB, 1K, 1-HBP); 3rd-Obrian Barret (1bf, 0R, 0H, 1BB); 4th-Deisean Quant (1/3ip, 0R, 0R, no BB); 2H (Jason Kootes);

G10 - Tijuana, Baja California/Mexico-2 (2-1), Santa Clara Red Sox/CA-1 (1-2)

G11 - Youngstown/OH-8 (3-1), Santa Clara Soldiers/CA-5 (2-1)
*V-Youngstown/OH (8-14-1); SP/WP-Cade Negley (5-2/3ip, 3R/3er, 4H, 4BB, 3K, 1-HBP; Butler Area, PA/17 - Santa Clara); 2nd-Maxx Harpalani (1-1/3ip, 2R/2er, 1H, 3BB, 1K, 1-HBP; Pine-Richland, PA/17 - Presbyterian); 2H (Dom Bucko (Knoch, PA/17 - Kent State); Jeffery Wehler (St Marys Area, PA/17 - Youngstown State); Michael Turner (Champion, OH/17 - Kent State?); Jacob Maggi (Pine-Richland, PA/17 - George Washington); William Nixon (Blackhawk, PA/17?); Zachery Campbell (Howland. OH/17 - Tiffin); 2RBI (Wehler; Maggi; Campbell); HR (Maggi/2R; Wehler/1R); 2B (Bucko; Nixon; Travis Perry (Rocky Grove, PA / 18 - Youngstown State?); Wehler);
*H-SC Soldiers/CA (5-5-3); SP/LP-John Newman (3-1/3ip, 8R/7er, 12H, 2BB, 3K, 1-HBP); 2nd-Kyle Riveron (3-23/ip, 0R, 2H, 1 BB, 1-HBP); 2RBI (Blake Diggle); HR (JP Caldwell/1R; Blake Diggle/2R); 2B (Josh Lauck);

G12 - Los Gatos Legend/CA-9 (3-0), Tijuana, Baja California/Mexico-2 (2-2)

*Sunday August 6 -
G13 1pm - Youngstown/OH (3-1) vs Santa Clara Soldiers/CA (2-1)
G14 4pm - no game
G15 7pm - Los Gatos Legend/CA (3-0) vs winner G13 - Championship
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Let's go Ohio!!
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Per Youngstown Vindicator...................Baird Brothers finished 3rd.

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