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Old 05-20-12, 11:17 AM
peterbrown peterbrown is offline
Join Date: 05-19-12
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peterbrown is on a distinguished road
Tipp City please don't!

I have recently learned that the Tipp administration is leaning toward hiring Marcus Bixleras as basketball coach. As a fan, father and first time poster here I am disappointed. Bixler has a history of being a program jumper he was at Piqua for 2 years and quit as soon as the season was over and the talent was lean and later in the year took the Franklin Monroe job which he kept for four years. He quit that job as soon as they lost in the tournament this year in February because they are out of talent. We do not need a guy who comes in and tries to coach only what he thinks is good talent and then runs somewhere else when the talent is up. We want a program builder. This guy is not a good coach anyway, please I implore you, you have established men in baseball and football who develop their own talent can't we attract a top notch coach in basketball also. Please don't hire a guy who quits one school before he even has a job at a new one. This kind of guy is a front runner a scam artist please don't!
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Old 05-20-12, 11:41 AM
jack froste jack froste is offline
Join Date: 05-19-12
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jack froste is on a distinguished road
First time poster also. Tipp fan I could not agree more. I heard some other disturbing news. I heard Grandpa Ray Zawadski from Vandalia was on the interview team. This is the same guy whose son is taking Tipp players to play for him at Troy Christian, there are at least 3 players there now. I am sure Papa Z did everything he could to hire a top notch coach at Tipp who could keep our players at home instead of running off to play for his son. Remember Tipp Fans the Zawadski's used Tipp once before by takiing over the program and bringing the oldest Zawadski and the 2nd oldest Goldsberry back to Tipp as long as Grandpa Z and Daddy Z could sit on the bench. Somebody has some explaining to do here. How about Tipp people interview Tipp candidates?
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Old 05-20-12, 04:47 PM
peterbrown peterbrown is offline
Join Date: 05-19-12
Posts: 2
peterbrown is on a distinguished road
What I know and what I think

Marcus Bixler is the coach
-6 years as a head coach at the following:
-Piqua 16-7 and 9-12 Div. 1
-Franklin Monroe 13-9, 13-10, 24-2 and 13-8 Div. 3
overall record 88 - 48 Tournament record 10-6
-1 League Championship 1 Sectional Championship 1 District Championship (all same year)
-Resigned both schools without having another job
-Zawadski was on interview committee so were 2 board members, one assistant principal. two parents, one current player, superintendent and athletic director and one current assistant coach.
-2 sets of interviews the only persons on both committees were Kronour, Shomper and Zawadski. Why "Z" on committee and why both days?

The big questions are; did the Super and the AD get the guy they wanted so they could control the teams cuts for the future and how many Tipp kids are leaving because of this hire? How will this effect the Levy? Will the administration entertain questions as to their hire? Was their anyone from this years staff who applied? If Bixler cuts and runs like before who gets the blame? Will Bixler tell why he dumped Piqua and his alma mater Franklin Monroe? Will he be a teacher in the building?
Not real promising for Tipp Hoops
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Old 05-20-12, 05:33 PM
ohioballa ohioballa is offline
Join Date: 11-20-08
Posts: 74
ohioballa is on a distinguished road
I was hoping coach Z would come back and bring his son and theothers back with him. Bixler is as good as tipp can get with know teaching job open. I dont think kids will leave just because he got the job but they might keep leaving to play with Grant and for coach Z.
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Old 05-20-12, 08:29 PM
zevon6542 zevon6542 is offline
All District
Join Date: 04-20-12
Posts: 192
zevon6542 is on a distinguished road
So Staley didn't get the Tipp job??? How can that be?

A few on Yappi (and it might be as few as 1 person) have made arguments that Staley was in the direct coaching tree lineage of Naismith-Wooden-Knight-Coach K

And he loses out to to a Division 4 coach?
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Old 05-21-12, 08:02 AM
fisher MAN fisher MAN is offline
All Region
Join Date: 04-24-12
Posts: 253
fisher MAN is on a distinguished road
Cut the guy a break, Zevon. I'm willing to bet he's accomplished more as a coach than you
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