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Old 07-13-18, 08:51 AM
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Perrysburg D-1 District Rankings (Off-Season #2)

Iíve started moving wrestlers around from the weights that they wrestled last year. Some of the weight shifts are based off of where the wrestlers have been competing in the off-season, some is based off of people sending me line-ups. Some of the changes are based off of how the wrestlers have grown over the last few years. A lot of the movement is pure guesswork.
I welcome any insight into where wrestlers will or may be competing next season, because I know that Iím going to be way off on many wrestlers, especially this time of year.

I paired the freshmen with the school that they were listed at on the Yappi thread about middle school state placers. If there was more than one possible school listed, I took a guess.
If there are any freshmen listed at the wrong school, feel free to let me know. Also, if there are any other wrestlers who have transferred, decided not to wrestle next year, or graduated (but I mistakenly left them in the rankings), please let me know.

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

* = unsure about participation or availability

1. Peyton Fenton- Elyria (1st middle school state)
2. Sean Seefeldt- St. Edward
3. Pablo Castro- Brecksville (3rd middle school state)
4. Jason Cascadden- Whitmer
5. Bryce Gilts- Anthony Wayne
6. Cael Saxton- Avon
7. Jayden Brubaker- N. Olmsted
8. Tony Pendergraff- Clay

Fenton and Seefeldt split two bouts at the middle school state tournament in 2017.
Castro, Seefeldt, Cascadden, and Saxton have all wrestled 106 or lower during the freestyle season.

1. Jacob Moon- Clay
2. Jack Stanley- Brecksville (4th state)
3. Richie Delsanter- St. Edward (5th state)
4. Nathan Burnett- Elyria (4th middle school state)
5. Shane Heil- Berea-Midpark (SQ)
6. Johnny Novak- St. Ignatius (5th district)
7. Case George- Ashland (6th district)
8. Jameson Shenberger- Midview

Iím not sure if Burnett will be small enough to make 113. Bryce Allison would be the likely starter if Burnett outgrew the weight.

1. Dylan Shawver- Elyria (2nd, 4th state)
2. Angelo Rini- St. Edward (4th, 5th state)
3. Jack Haskin- Whitmer (SQ)
4. Pino DiPierro- Berea-Midpark (SQ)
5. Tucker Garn- Sylvania Northview
6. Alex Reagon- N. Olmsted
7. Ayden Rivers- Steele*
8. Bradey Humble- N. Royalton

Flo initially had Shawver ranked at 132. If heís at that weight, that likely puts Nathan Burnett at 120, and bumps Zuckerman to 145 (If Crace is at 138) and Munguia to 152. If heís here Nathan Burnett likely wrestles off with Allison (if he can make 113).

1. Mick Burnett- Elyria (2nd, 6th state)
2. Jimmy Carmany- Brecksville (4th state)
3. Scott Richter- St. Edward (5th district)
4. Kyle Maville- Clay (SQ)
5. Caden Wendling- Berea-Midpark (6th district)
6. Zak Anderson- Midview
7. Cade Robertson- Avon
8. Cohan Robinson- Ashland

Burnett and Carmany have wrestled at this weight during the freestyle season, so Iíll keep them here until I hear otherwise.

1. Matt Zuckerman- Elyria (7th state)
2. Ricardo Oviedo- Perrysburg (5th district, SQ 2017)
3. Charles Chapman- (Fremont) Ross
4. Evan Bennett (2nd middle school state)/Hudson Poole- St. Edward
5. Matthew Whipkey- St. Ignatius*
6. Mike Daly- Clay (SQ)
7. Jayden Jones- Ashland
8. Nate Barrett- Madison Comp.

Zuckerman could be anywhere from 132 to 145 depending on how big Shawver and Crace have gotten. Zuckerman has wrestled 138 this off-season which placed him squarely in the middle of this range.

1. Jordan Crace- Elyria (1st, 3rd state)
2. Bryce Hepner- St. Edward (1st, 2nd state)
3. D.J. Huff- St. Ignatius (6th district)
4. Jake Visintine- Ashland (SQ)
5. Andrew Philion- Midview (5th district)
6. Alex Szigeti- Clay
7. Ben Blickle- Strongsville
8. Zach Snyder- Anthony Wayne

Crace has wrestled at 138 and 145 during the off-season, so he may wind up at either weight, though Iíd guess he stays here.

1. Bryce Andonian- St. Edward (1st, 5th, 1st state)
2. Victor Voinovich- Brecksville (1st state)
3. Alex Garee- Perrysburg (6th district)
4. Enrique Munguia- Elyria
5. Deshea Pettiford- (Fremont) Ross (SQ 2017)
6. Conner Liber- Sylvania Northview
7. Patrick McGraw- St. Ignatius
8. Tyler Weseman- Clay (2nd middle school state)

All of the top 4 wrestlers have wrestled at this weight during the off-season.
Wesemand and Szigeti both wrestled 138 for Clay at the Disney Duals.

1. Sam Dover- St. Edward (3rd, 3rd, 5th state)
2. Marco Regalbuto- Brecksville (3rd, 5th state)
3. Austin McNamara- Ashland
4. Paul Twarog- North Royalton (6th district)
5. Noah Ewen- Perrysburg (1st middle school state)
6. Jim Schill- Elyria
7. Trent Osborne- Madison Comp.
8. Zach Morgan- St. Ignatius

Regalbuto has wrestled here during the off-season, and Iíd guess that heíll stay at the weight (unless he can cut to 138 again) with Voinovich still wrestling at 145.

1. Paddy Gallagher- St Edward (3rd state)
2. Farouq Muhammed- Elyria (4th state, 6th state 2016)
3. Drew Newton- Perrysburg (5th district 2017)*
4. Ben Vanadia- Brecksville (SQ)
5. Kyle Miller- Clay
6. Dane Fenice- Franklin Hts.
7. Jayden Jackson- Lakewood
8. Dalton Diaz- N. Olmsted

Muhammed has wrestled as high as 170 in freestyle this off-season. Vanadia has wrestled 170 in freestyle in a few different tournaments, though so has his teammate Hatcher.

1. Najee Lockett- St. Ignatius (5th state)
2. Hudson Hightower- St. Edward (SQ)
3. Jake Evans- Elyria (SQ)
4. Ethan Hatcher- Brecksville (SQ)
5. Troy Murphy- Clay (SQ)
6. Jackson Weissinger- (Fremont) Ross (5th district)
7. Gavin Ziol- Parma
8. Gabe Edinger- Tol. DeSales

I thought that saw that Hatcher wrestled at 170 in a freestyle tournament, but Flo Wrestling has him ranked nationally at 182, so he may be wrestling up at that weight.

1. Mike Garcar- St. Edward (SQ)
2. Jacob Meek- Clay (SQ)
3. Jakob Beverly- Ashland
4. Hayden Rockman- Elyria
5. Ethan Garee- Perrysburg
6. Clay Carpenter- Steele
7. Isaac Sell- Brecksville
8. Ethan Bouffard- Garfield Hts.

Garcar has wrestled 170 in freestyle, though I would guess that he winds up at this weight with Hightower possibly wrestling 170.

1. Caleb Wood- (Fremont) Ross (SQ)
2. Jordan Greer- Avon (5th district)
3. Josh Nagy- Clay
4. Justin Jaeckin- Olmsted Falls
5. Lewis Aguilar- Elyria
6. Nicholas Lisco- St. Edward
7. Tristian Pitz- Ashland
8. Tommy Gill- St. Ignatius

Jaeckin has wrestled at this weight during the freestyle season.
Iím not sure who Edís will have at this weight, though they have several capable options (Cantrell, Beard, Bryant, Cundiff, Lisco).

1. Josh Bever- Ashland (5th, 7th state)
2. Seamus OíMalley- St. Edward (4th state)
3. Jake Roesch- Avon (SQ)
4. Lazar Gasic- N. Royalton (6th district)
5. Marko Flowers- Perrysburg*
6. Tyler Cobb- Clay (1st middle school state)
7. Andrew Levis- Elyria
8. Jake Noon- Findlay

OíMalley, Levis, and Noon have all wrestled at this weight during the off-season. Aguilar has also wrestled here for Elyria, though Iím guessing that he wrestles down at 195 given his weight (182) and Levisís weights from last year (195).

1. Daniel Bucknavich- Midview (5th district)
2. Tyler Jones- N. Olmsted
3. Yousef Awad- Lakewood
4. Brian Kilbane- St. Edward
5. DayíMyrin Jones- Franklin Hts.
6. Lyle Campbell- Clay
7. Jack Chapman- Berea-Midpark
8. Jake Bever- Ashland

Iím guessing that Campbell goes heavyweight with middle school state champ Cobb wrestling 220, though itís possible that they could flip flop. Cobb wrestled 195 at Disney and Campbell wrestled 285 with the 5 pound allowance.

1. St. Edward
2. Elyria
3. Clay
4. Brecksville
5. Ashland
6. Perrysburg
7. St. Ignatius
8. (Fremont) Ross

Brecksville drops in the team rankings if the Taggs have indeed left, though they could still potentially muster a top 5 finish at the state tournament with the firepower that they return.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baumís Page and Jakeís Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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Old 07-13-18, 02:17 PM
dion dion is offline
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Am inclined to think Brecksville will be returning to Hoover this coming season. If so, they might have a slight advantage over Wadsworth even without the Taggs.
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Old 07-14-18, 03:47 PM
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Oviedo 120.
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