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Aj !!!

Big shout out to our new STATE CHAMP in the discus... AJ HICKS!!!


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I'm sorry I didn't notice this thread earlier. Congratulations, A.J.!!
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Ditto! Way to go AJ. Best of luck as a Tarheel.
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Thumbs up PD Recognizes AJ as Track All-Star

Congratulations again to AJ Hicks and his track season, but especially his State Meet performance.

His story is one for sportsman to always remember and to share with youngsters because success required a special mind & mood set. After all, he had just faulted on his first two attempts at the shot put. His third try was not that great for one of the "favorites" in the meet; I think it was only good for 11th place. It should have been demoralizing at the least.

Somehow AJ got himself together and threw the discuss like he never did before. In fact not many others have. His second best would have won the State. His third try was the longest at Jesse Owens Stadium, longer than the tape measure they were using, 14 ft. longer than Hicks ever achieved. It's the 6th best in the nation!

He did not allow the disappointment he must have felt from the shot put remain in his mind for the discus throw. This is the mindset of a "pro"; that is, my next pitch is a "strikeout" or the next play is a "TD" or the next shot is "in the hole". I'll be looking for more good news from Track & Field at UNC-Chapel Hill!
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You said it Grandpa.

It was an unbelievable stretch of four hours for AJ and Solon Track. I (Head Coach, DI) cannot begin to express the surprise and disappointment I felt watching AJ in the Shot. No way anyone would have predicted that happening. And that was me. I can only imagine what was going through his head when he realized he did not make the finals of an event he thought (and so did I) he was going to win. It was unbelievable in the most literal and terrible sense of the word.

The fact that he was able to clear his mind, push past what was profound disappointment (and in his words, embarrassment), and not only compete at a level that put him in the running to win a loaded event, but also uncork the best throw in the history of the Jesse Owens stadium (3rd best ever in the 100+ year history of the state tournament) shows you the type of kid he is. He is a winner, and North Carolina is getting a true champion. Just unbelievable mental toughness. A great, great competitor, and a tremendous person.

To me, AJ is on the short list of all time Solon Track greats. His Discus record is the best Track record in Solon, and it's not even close. Consider that Jim Mandich had the Discus record for 45 years...and then try to wrap your head around the fact that AJ surpassed his distance by about 36 feet. We could debate who the better Track athlete was, Jeff Hojnacki (a good friend of mine, a state champion in the 4x800 and 1600, as well as state runner-up in the 800 his senior year) or AJ, but I think anyone who knows Track understands that these two guys are the two best in Solon history, and with the athletes we've had within the program, that's saying a lot. But it's also the truth.
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Wow! Great post!
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