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Old 11-05-08, 01:17 PM
KlearDaSky03 KlearDaSky03 is offline
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Makes me laugh.
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Old 11-16-08, 08:23 PM
Spize Spize is offline
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Spize is an unknown quantity at this point
I agree
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Old 11-25-08, 12:06 AM
Spize Spize is offline
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Spize is an unknown quantity at this point
http://www.massillon.com is much better
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Old 01-04-09, 07:54 PM
OrangeBlood OrangeBlood is offline
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Originally Posted by Spize View Post
I agree!!! LOL
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Old 12-07-09, 04:37 PM
Proud To Be Proud To Be is offline
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I don't know which is better, because I haven't spent much time on the Lair... but I gotta agree......

MP is becoming a HUGE joke!

A bunch of sheep being led by the almighty mods........until you have a varying opinion from one of them....

You can post all you want, but for Gods' sake!!! Don't disagree with one of the mods!!! Especially if she, (errr allegedly) is making all of Massillon look stupid by WHINING about Hoover AFTER WE BEAT THEM!!!!

Win with class..... Lose with class or shut the H3LL up!!!!

MP is definitely something different than what it set out to be......

Maybe I will try the Lair!!!
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Old 02-12-10, 12:33 AM
Postmaster59 Postmaster59 is offline
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Old 07-09-10, 08:14 AM
Egret Egret is offline
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Originally Posted by KlearDaSky03 View Post
Makes me laugh.
Why are you back on there then?
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Old 06-22-11, 12:09 PM
Die Hard Eric's Avatar
Die Hard Eric Die Hard Eric is offline
Massillon Proud
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Massillon Proud has had new ownership for over a year now. I would encourage anyone who questioned it in the past to stop by and check it out.

Go Tigers!
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Old 06-26-11, 08:10 AM
hoodrat hoodrat is offline
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Eric, I appreciate what you're trying to do over there. BUT, only the look is different, the feel is the same and as long as the same old nasty spirited posters are there it will always be the same. Massillon Catholic ring a bell? Some posters are allowed to say absolutely anything they want while others are slapped down for questioning the vile posts of the regulars. I understand you need posters to keep the site running but I have to respectfully disagree....the spirt of MP is the same.

Last edited by hoodrat; 06-26-11 at 10:59 AM.
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