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Originally Posted by FairwoodKing View Post
This thread is so outrageous that I don't know where to start. There is nothing in the Constitution that limits a work week to 40 hours, but I believe there are labor laws that do just that.


My best employees found out where all of us ranked on the Totem pole. I was at the top and the rest very close. It was my job to hire dozens of international people who were highly intelligent and highly trained to do the translation and localization work I needed from them. I rarely had problems with my staff because I screened them very carefully before I hired them. One of them, a delightful lady from Puerto Rico, even car polled with me. It gave me a great chance to practice my Spanish.

During the offer process, everyone asked me the same question: What do you pay? I answered their question by saying, "How much do you want?" No matter what it was, I gave it to them. My car mate was actually the one who wanted the most, and I gladly gave it to her because she was worth every penny. I would have given her more (as well as the rest) if she had asked for it. It's not that I had a huge budget, but I had the company by the balls. Any product they wanted to sell internationally had to go through me, and I made a lot of problems. Mercifully, the company had a corporate takeover in 2004 and my department was eliminated. I don't know who was happier-- my bosses or me. They gave me a good severance and a letter of recommendation, so I didn't leave there empty-handed. I was so relieved to get out of that nuthouse.

I had quite a shock this evening when I was watching a rerun of "Diagnosis Murder" with Dick van Dyke. At one point they showed a closeup of a hospital monitor. For the love of Jesus, I helped make the damn thing! It was a Spacelabs monitor and I wrote the technical manuals for it. Will Spacelabs ever stop haunting me???
Sounds like you took advantage of the more humble personalities who did not ask for as much.
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