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Originally Posted by creek44 View Post
That's exactly right, and it's exactly what happens when us middle class and poor folks pay higher tax rates for our wages, than the rich do with their "carried interest" rates on investments. Rich guys don't bother with "wages". Rich guys don't bother sending their sons and daughters off to war either.

One huge cash flow and blood trail from the poor to the rich.
Broken record - It's been demonstrated time after time that this is a lie. The rich pay more in dollars and as a percentage of their income than the middle class and poor. If you are poor your effective income tax rate is zero. Until you make $50K or so your effective tax rate is zero. With deductions and other tax credits people in the 25% bracket average 15% for their income. The wealthy are paying 15% for their interest and dividents and 40% for any salary and bonuses. Very few people are affected by carried interest, I remember that conversation with my accountant very clearly.
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