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Originally Posted by FairwoodKing View Post
So Obama is "trampling" on the Constitution by forcing companies to pay their employees a fair wage for the work they do? Isn't that too damn bad! There is a reason why a regular work week is 40 hours. Anything beyond that without extra compensation is slavery.

I have been a manager for much of my professional career and I must admit that I am very anti-union, even when I had to belong to one (as a school teacher). But I swear on my parents' graves that I have always treated my employees fairly and have given them everything they deserved. My conscience is clear. Too bad so many other executives can't say the same.
You guys are goofy. Please show me in the Constitution where 40 hours is the set work week. And it's called AT WILL EMPLOYMENT for a reason. AND... if you were a manager then you know that salaried positions come with perks beyond the paycheck. Such as job security. And in the construction field, such as I was, it meant I drew a check all winter even if I barely worked a half week, while the hourly guys were at home subsisting on unemployment. You guys need to get out of the fantasy world your leader has you immersed in and be real about things.

Example. My wife has a woman in her office that is paid salary. She is part time, and her hours are from 12 noon to 6 pm. Because of her kid's daycare schedule, she has stretched her show up time to around 1 pm. Sometimes later. Now, she has taken to leaving at 430 and returning at 515 or so WITH HER DAMN KID. She works the rest of her shift, not a minute later, and leaves. Do you think She would be so flippant about her hours if she had to clock in and out and was paid as such? I'd fire her butt in a minute as this has caused problems before. What would you do? Blame the daycare for not being accomidating, even though there are others she just doesn't want to pay more for? Should my wife continue to be irritated, or fire her and go through the very costly expense and task of finding someone else and training them?

Salary has it's benefits, there's no denying it. And when you start playing hardball with the boss, you'll quickly find out where actually rank on the Totam pole. Not to mention, higher costs WILL be passed on to you and I, and companies WILL cut employees or just adjust their pay structure/positions/titles to maintain. This is all just a another idealogilical BS sessession of the Left's big war against the wealthy. What a joke.
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