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Originally Posted by Termite2 View Post
Bush gutted the OT in the 04' bill????
Before 04' To be exempt from overtime, workers must be paid a set salary, not an hourly wage. This has long been the rule under federal overtime law. Bush did not change that.

The second criteria before 04' called the "salary-level" test, was amended. In order to be exempt from overtime, the after 04' rules require that employees earn a minimum salary of $455 a week, or $23,660 a year. Before it was a minimum salary of $155 a week, or $8,060 a year.

What he did do: White-collar employees who earn more than $100,000 a year were automatically exempt from overtime pay, that wasn't the case before.

I never understood why some made the claim that Bush gutted the OT rules.
I've been a salaried employee for 30+ years, average about 45-50 hours a week and have never worried about overtime. I also don't worry about walking out of the office during the week to play golf, or start the weekend early, my employer has never cared about that either. I'm paid to get the job done, and traded my time for the money to provide for my family, and the 3-4 families that the government forces me to carry their butts through life.
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