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Originally Posted by runner guy View Post
I think this season proved more than anything that there needs to be a separate division in Hockey. I don't know if the solution is the private schools having there own divison, or if it should be just two divison of big and small schools. I think private schools having there own divison would be the most fair, but wouldn't be something OHSAA would do. A school with 2-5 teams full of 20 kids each shouldn't be playing against a school that only has a team with 9-18 kids

I can also say that OHSAA does a horrible job promoting hockey, and that they do a horrible job organizing the state tournament. They need to make things more exciting and fun at the tournaments to help grow interest in the sport
Columbus big publics are getting close to the big 4 (Ignatius, Ed's, TSF, US).

What are the OHSAA's great failings? It's a relatively minor sport. Some of the regional finals are pretty well attended.
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