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Originally Posted by Vincent and Regina View Post
As an outsider of both schools I can say I heard the legend of those games.

What happened was the GMC. The game usually went in week 10. The GMC had three rival games week 10. Princeton/Moeller, Oak HIlls/Elder and Colerain/Lasalle. The other 7 GMC schools had a hard time scheduling week 10 so they voted to move the 7 conference schedule to weeks 4-10. Princeton and Moeller could not accommodate that move and the series went away.

All 3 of those series has suffered. Moeller/Princeton never made a return. Oak Hills/Elder has been played in weeks 1, 2, and 3, but has gone away again. Colerain/LaSalle had stopped and now bounced from week 3 to week 1. I think they just reupped for 2 more years.
Great points. Although, i believe the series ended before the GMC went to 7 league games. After that, Moeller didn't want to play anymore because Princeton wasn't winning.