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Originally Posted by irish_buffalo View Post
Any man who fights for our country has my vote as a citizen. Hanging out in peace time as a clerk does not cut it.
Soldiers come in all varieties.

There were former slaves that fought on the side of the north, fighting like tigers and knowing that they'd be likely tortued to death if captured.

There were Hessians that fought hard for a while, but then disappeared like that Homer Simpson into the bushes gif, to go start a trap line and become Americans.

Then there are those that inspired the old joke, "For Sale: Excellent condition. Italian military rifle; never fired, only dropped once."

In another direction, there is the genuine issue of combat trained soldiers in American street gangs. Not sure how widespread, but it's a thing. You want to arm La Raza ?

I don't know enough about the issue to say "Never!", but I know enough that I can't just say "Great idea. Go ahead." Especially with no current need for troops
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