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By Monday, the Reds will have to decide if they want to give a free agent qualifyiing offer to Zach Cozart of $17.4 million for 2018. Then it's up to him weather he takes it or goes to the open market. Why would, or why wouldn't the Reds do this?
If they don't give him an lose him and get nothing in return.
If they offer him and he declines, the Reds can get some compensation picks in next years draft.
If they offer and he accepts, you have a shortstop for one season for a ton of money.

IMO, I don't make a qualifying offer, let him walk. Now if you can get him to come back at say $8 mill for one year or $12 mill for 2, then I'd consider it. Just realize you're bidding against everyone in baseball, but I really don't think there is much of a market for him.