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I would agree that the Reds are "fine" offensively. 8th in the NL in runs scored and OBP, 6th in OPS. And all of those key numbers would go up if Winker plays RF and Schebler is in CF for the bulk of the games, assuming Winker can play to about the same level as he did in a part time role in 2017. Perhaps they add 25 runs scored for the year (getting them into top 5), and perhaps they add .015 to their OPS, also putting them top 5 in the NL. I am in favor of that move.

For those of you (14red) that keep talking batting average, flush it down the toilet. OPS is the one true metric that correlates almost perfectly with runs scored. The top 3 teams in 2017 scoring runs (Nats, Cubs, Rockies) are the same 3 that lead the OPS category. For those who don't know, OPS is simply OBP plus Slugging %. It is not rocket science, but it is the best measure of how good an offense is.