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Originally Posted by James Cramerica View Post
Wall has improved but Irving is still much better. Where is Lamar Odom these days?
Irving is much better? How exactly? Wall improved? LOL he's doing exactly the same thing he's always been doing, really the only thing that's improved is his 3 point shot. He's regressed defensively a bit to be honest, maybe because he isn't asked to be as agressive anymore. His team has played .500 ball with him anytime he's healthy compared to Mr. Irving who's so busy dribbling the ball he can't figure out how to make his teammates better. There really is no comparison at this point who's better. One of these players is a top 5 pg this year, the other isn't top 10. Like I said when the argument first presented itself, Wall does EVERYTHING on the court better besides shoot. He does and will continue to do so. As far as the Odom quip, remember what that argument was. TALENT and POTENTIAL. Look up his pre draft scouting report, heck really any scouting report, they will all mention his potential.
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