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McKinley fumbled the kickoff to start the 2nd half so Mentor takes over on the McKinley 34. Mentor pass is completed to the 30, RB carry to the 27 makes it 3rd and 4....RB to the 25 makes it 4th and 2. Mentor to go for it....QB keeper into the endzone. That's the 2nd 4th big 4th down play for Mentor. Extra point is blocked.

McKinley 6
Mentor 23

Snow is apparently falling a bit heavy and the wind is strong at the moment.

McKinley failed to cover a short kick and Mentor recovers another turnover at the McKinley 40. A short gain on first down and then the QB keeper picks up a 1st down at the McKinley 30. Ball taken to the house and the wheels have fallen all the way off for McKinley.

30-6 Mentor. 9:11 in the 3rd quarter.

Another short kick. McKinley returns the ball to their own 34. McKinley's two top receivers are out with injuries. Garrett for a gain of 16 to midfield. Garret for a short gain, QB keeper for 4 makes it 3rd and 5, no gain makes it 4th and 5 from the Mentor 44. McKinley punt is almost fumbled, but Mentor takes over on their own 9. Big gain to the 21 for a 1st down. Gain of 6, gain of 10 and another 1st down. Short gain, pass is incomplete, 3rd and long, QB keeper for another 1st down. Gain of 1, must have been a penalty because it's now 1st and 19....RB for a big gain to the McKinley 44 for a first down. Another first down for Mentor at the 31....gain of 1, QB keeper for 1, 3rd and 8...penalty on Mentor makes it 3rd and 17 with ball at the 38...pass complete to the 33...4th and 12 with 27 seconds in the quarter. Mentor pass complete for a first down at the 20. Gain of 3 and the quarter is over. Gain of 5 makes it 3rd and 2...another 1st down carry moves the ball to the 2 for a first and goal.....Mentor scores to take a 36-6 lead. Missed extra point.

Stadium is emptying out....both teams' fans.

Congrats to Mentor and best of luck the rest of the way. Gonna switch over to the Massillon game.

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