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Originally Posted by sportster4321 View Post
With falling numbers Liberty is on the fast track to D7. No way they'd get involved in this league either.
Right now Liberty is towards the higher number of D6 but who knows what the future holds. There is no way they join this conference. The Leopards have teams close to them around their size that they could play. Campbell, Newton Falls, Brookfield, and Champion should remain in the schedule. Liberty plays Lakeview every year and I don't see a reason to change that. McDonald is right next to Liberty and the 2 used to play every year. McDonald stopped playing Liberty because Liberty was starting to put it on them but now that the 2 schools have similar enrollment I don't see a reason for them not to play each other. Liberty has played Crestview in the past and I believe they are on the schedule next year. Mineral Ridge is another team Liberty could schedule that is close. I also imagine Girard will be back on the schedule soon.