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Originally Posted by crusader24 View Post
CVA 18 Purple now includes many top players accepting
Hagerty (Walnut Hills 2020)
Haas (Moeller 2020)
Beckelhimer (Moeller 2021)
Niven (Loveland 2019)
Callahan (Moeller 2019)
Dubovec (Lakota East 2019)
And a few others Iím not familiar with

4 players from attacks 17-1s team last year are now at CVA... Will they be able to compete with attacks top team this year?
That's interesting to see and obviously a good sign for CVA (and a bad sign for Attack).

I think that immediately catapults CVA into the 3rd best team in Ohio behind Attack and Vanguard, but I think they're still well behind those top 2. Even with those departures, Attack is left with key guys at every position:

S- Kastner
OH1- Hargett
OH2- Hubbard
MH1- Mauch
MH2- Kiser
MH3- Thaxton
RS- Connaughton
L- Bernard
OH/DS- Harvey
OH/DS- Vansteenkiste

They keep their 5-1 setter and all 3 players from the all tournament team at Nationals, plus add Kiser. Vansteenkiste is the only one who wasn't on an Attack 1s team last year, and he won POY in the region for D2. That's an impressive roster, even more so when you factor in who they lost and are STILL left with that lineup.

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