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Originally Posted by Falcon11 View Post
Tryouts either have happened, or will be shortly for most clubs. Any news out there for club season?
CVA is posting results as players accept a spot.

Looks like their 18s is pretty much the same squad as last year. Mostly kids from smaller schools and/or players from Attacks lower level teams.

But they look like they're going to try and grow their numbers drastically. They've got listings for 2 18Us, 2 17Us, a 16U, a 15U, 2 14Us, a 13U, and a 12U. That's a massive growth from last year.

Attacks aren't until next weekend, which is curiously after both CVA and NKYVC's acceptance window expires. Not sure if that was intentional or just how things shook out, but interesting nonetheless.

Seems to be the same M.O. in Columbus. A2 already has tryouts concluded, Vanguard doesn't begin theirs until next weekend. Anyone know what happened with A2s tryouts?

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