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Originally Posted by Jet19 View Post
The kid that should have been QB last season was a senior. Played QB at the varsity level since he was a freshman. Don't know much about this year's team. Northeastern needs to clean house and a complete culture change. Coach Rolf kept all Wasserman's assistants for the most part. Other than the best one who went on to coach defense at Tecumseh for a few seasons. It's also the area. I grew up in a farm around there. When I moved home after the military there was a lot of new faces. They kinda replaced the old friends and family network with an even worse friends and family network. When I played they had a QB battle between the QB coaches grandson and the JH coaches son. I played QB all thru pee wee up until JH. Learned of the friends and family network first-hand. It's sad to see that Jets coaches still have their depth chart filled out before practice number one..... They don't know how to win on or off the field.
Jet19... Come on now my friend. That QB battle was of the two best option after the season of 2000 in which the Jets made the playoffs. JH Coach that you spoke of did a whole lot of winning at SV to be someone that believed in the Friends and Family network... The other QB you spoke of that was the Grandson of the QB coach was if my memory serves me correct was part of teams that were Back to Back OHC Champs,(Last time NE was OHC Champs) Back to Back Playoffs(Last time NE appeared in Post Season) and I do not think that class lost to KR not to mention the guy either played LB or even DE. So was there other viable QB's in the system at that time? By my memory of the time frame there wasn't. Not to play down your Pee Wee Joe Montana Days but your connection of the Friends and Family back then to now I just do not see that being the same! It is very sad to NE and the utter collapse that is going on in that school. The football program does need cleaned out it did when the previous coach was there and it did when CHT started his short lived career and now with the new coach it also needs to be cleaned up. I mean he took two OCs from Central... Not when Central was winning but when they were bad! It would be nice if NE could return to being competitive it would make the OHC North that much stronger! I see the Jets being competitive in most games for the first half but struggling to make it to winning time with a chance for a W. With Juggernaut WJ, Strong WLS and Steady Burg as three games that will be definite demoralizing losses for the Jets. Going to be a long season for the Jets however word is that the Middle school and pee wee programs are increasing the talent and numbers so hopefully these kids coming up will see the importance of the weight room and the off season work outs!