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Well once again I get on here and see more of the same! NE getting way to much credit! Watched that debacle at Evans stadium last week! Trick plays scored the touchdowns. word throughout the stands was that the BEST QB on the roster is playing halfback. It was evident the QB they have playing there was a run first threat even on passing downs! No arm, however is athletic and has some speed. The more troubling stat was that this kid that is playing QB is locked into the Friends and Family network and that is why he was there! I tell it was not the same watching NE and not seeing Ole Hat Thrower! However I did see him in the stands looking like it was the summer of 1987 and wearing a Mr.T starter kit was cool! I should not be so harsh on him, he was not the reason for the demise of the NE Football program. The demise was the coach before and his lack of ability to change and run a offense to fit his athletes. Coach Hat Thrower just ran the program like a pee wee program. Same staff, same problems for NE no depth and no size! 34 players in the OHC North is not a problem a team rebuilding from the ground up wants or needs to have! I do not see them getting the win on Friday night. WC over the Jets by 3 TD's.