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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
Thank goodness I'm not too, I was simply replying to this whole concept of "rebuilding". It's beyond that, it's simply "building". Votto is here, Gennett is here, you don't just bring up prospects who are not ready. Senzel played 57 games in AA last year. Let's give him at least 1/2 hear in Louisville and evaluate, don't rush him. Suarez is a fine ML 3rd baseman.

The thought that there is something wrong with the organization if Senzel isn't at 3rd opening day is silly. And like I said, if you're in that camp, then heck, just bring Hunter Green up and start him in April. Again, silliness.
The Reds lost 94 games last year. They are rebuilding. Just because you have a few pieces doesn't mean you can't rebuild. You have no idea if Senzel is ready to play or not. So what if he's played 57 games in AA? There's a solid list of guys who spent one week or less in AAA before making the jump to MLB. Most on that list didn't even spend a day in AAA.

wolves already touched on this but goodness, comparing Senzel and Greene? One is 18 and the other is 22. One has played strictly in high school, one has played phenomenally at every stop he's been to. One has spent the last 4 years being coached by high school coaches, one has spent the last 4 years being coached by pro and college coaches.