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We have 2 options at this point.....1)Bring up Parks and spend the week getting him ready to run this offense the way it was designed. You cannot run this offense with Ohman. 2) Change the offense...use what we already know, change the formations a bit, and take a page out of the movie We Are a version of the veer. Ohman would be great in that position...put Shrock and Heyford in the reads, and options...put the ball in the air about 10 times and all these plays are already in our o-line blocking scheme. You could even intall an H back and run with a 2 receiver formation. These kids are smart and this type of offense will come easy to them. I see no advantage to waste our time putting Ohman in for running plays and McQuilken in for passing plays, while keeping the same 5 wide formation. Last night we showed that we can run the ball with Ohman...he's patient enough to wait for the hole to open, and tough enough to get the yards. The big weight will be on the defense for the next 4 games, b/c we will not be scoring 35 points a game. They will have to hold some good teams to 1 or 2 scores for us to have a chance. The burden is on the coaching staff to come up with a viable far as i'm concerned they put the team in this position when they had no back-up it's up to them to find a way to win. It won't take me long to see how much work they put in this week. I'm positive these kids don't want to quit.

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