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Originally Posted by Leopard_Fan View Post
If there's a silver lining that resulted from Duckworth's injury, it's the way the Louisville players rallied together after it with some of them clearly stepping up their level of play to get the win against Alliance. They could have just as easily felt sorry for their injured teammate and themselves, and let that game slip away from them.

I agree it's going to be interesting to see what the coaches come up with for the offense this week, as what they had in place previously was clearly tailored around Duckworth. Although what they used with McQuilkin and Ohman got them through last night, they can't rely on that as a long term solution.

I said on another post it sure would have been nice to have a QB ready to step in. You can't tell me that we came into this season with McQ and Trent as our backup plan? Again this is my issue with not letting anyone other then Joey take 7 on 7 snaps, and then not using JV games to get kids ready to play. We are QB driven offense, it sure seems to me we would have had a plan and used Saturdays to get that plan ready (considering we haven't had a QB make it through a season in years). I watched the Freshman last year and watched the JV team this year and there is a player there that can help us.
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