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Originally Posted by RidgeRams2008 View Post
I think lots of teams think he can't play the field any more and we already have a DH. Good OBP guy and a smart baserunner though. Would be an upgrade over anybody we have, though.
Damon played right field every day last year for Tampa Bay in the heat of a playoff race. He still looked pretty capable to me. If Damon can handle right field in 2011, I can't see why he couldn't handle left in Cleveland in 2012.

Plus the fact that he's still got some pop in his bat. Plus the fact that he's still got good wheels. Plus the fact that he's a winner who produces in the clutch and plays his best in big games.

Lotsa pluses for Johnny Damon. I can't think of a negative. Except for his price tag. Oops!! I forgot. We're fans of Dolan's team. Damon is probably out of Uncle Larry's price range.

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