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Originally posted by Seek Up
Dave Rimmer of Mt. Healthy won state in 1966 with a state record vault of 15' 1".
Yes, you are correct. Rimmer won state with his 15'1" in 1966 which stood as the city record until the Forest Hills school district chums came along to beat it some thirty years later. Rimmer came to Mt. Healthy from California where vaulters had been using fiberglass polls from a long time. They were new to Ohio athletes at the time he won state. That doens't take nothing away from a city record that stood for thrirty years but he had the jump on Ohio vaulter when he came in here.

Now the question is, do we go with nine in the pole vault and take out all the 15' vaulters who are tied or do we go with about 15 deep on that list and iclude all those tied at 15'0"? I'm in favor of the latter. Cincinnati has a rich pole vault history. It is a mecca for vaulters due to guys like Andy Wolf, Toby Dirr, Rick Christoph and others.

An interesting side note about the pole vault. The OHSAA was going to eliminate the pole vault as an event because of the dangers of injury until Andy Wolf put together a training video and sent it to the state to distribute to coaches who wanted it done away with. Andy Wolf should be recoginzed for saving the pole vault.
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