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good question

Originally Posted by cincyeaglefan View Post
not sure why you even bring up ECNL? lol
Actually, I really wasn't trying to stir the pot but more of an observation. I think over the past couple years with all the discussion around ECNL, concerns by others, etc. I think what I saw were two sides of a coin.

On one side, for those that are part of non-ECNL club teams they can relax as to whether or not ECNL events are going to dominate the college recruiting process. Don't give ECNL folks a hard time. With well run tournaments like the Blue Chip many schools are going to still show up. ECNL teams can and will do their own thing. That's ok.

On the flip side, if you are part of ECNL, this was a good tournament that was missed out on. And there are many tournaments all over that are like the Blue Chip. In the case if you just happen to be a local ECNL team, you missed out on a possible cost savings measure by not having to travel and still have good competition.

My point simply is that colleges still see that there is talent to be found regardless of the event or shall I say what side of the coin you are on.
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