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Originally Posted by BlueDevil Backer View Post

I've talked to several college coaches and they do not pay much attention to individual stats, post season awards, where a kid is ranked by PBR, etc. What they do pay attention to is can a kid excel on the field in game situations. There are kids out there that are simply showcase players but cannot produce in game situations. Big difference in a coaches eye.
They also pay attention to attitude, are they a competitor, do they play the game the right way, are they a good teammate, what kind of person are they off the field and does this match their program, what is the family like (yes parents you are watched too at games and how you act).
They look at the intangibles that mean far more to them when recruiting a player than what is on paper, those post season awards, and where they are ranked.
All of these things are true, but kids have to get in front of the coaches in order to show these characteristics. Any type of extra exposure kids can get is only going to help. Meaningless honors/awards to some but if it helps a kid get noticed or at least gets their name on the radar, then it's worth it.
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