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Originally Posted by Old Wildcat View Post
P.S. the Future games in Indianapolis are after football starts. I asked a PBR official why not go 1 week earlier the football kids could play and he said. Not many football players play baseball!!! I couldn't believe he thinks that way. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't college coaches looking for atheletes? I had coaches say they like multi sports kids. Like I said I was stunned when he said that. Anyone else think this way. One week earlier just one week

Totally agree with you, football guys miss out a ton on events that happen after August 1st, nature of the beast for them i guess, i don't agree that PBR only chooses kids for All Ohio teams based solely on who goes to what events but i will say the rankings they do indicates that happens at times. I know many kids who don't attend PBR events who made All Ohio based on their numbers, not the events attended. Plus I'd trust PBR to judge kids all over OHIO instead of coaches who only seem to vote for players in their district only and have NEVER seen kids play outside their city or town
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