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Near the end of October, the NYPD and the FBI took Huma's pedophile husband's laptop. Comey announced that he was re-opening the investigation into Hilliary's email case. It was soon discovered there were hundreds of thousands of emails, possibly as many as 600,000, that needed checked. Within 10 days, the FBI closed the case a second time, claiming nothing new was discovered.

Fast forward to Comey's testimony earlier this week. He admits the FBI has been involved since July, 2016 looking into Russian involvement in the Trump camp, but can not predict how many more months or years are needed to get to the end of their investigation. So, in 10 days, they can read, vet, investigate and clear hundreds of thousands of classified emails on a pervert's computer....BUT they can't get to the end of the faux Russian tampering charade. Doing some math, based on their extraordinary ability to process emails, there must be about 60,000/day x 270 = 16.2 MILLION emails to review.

Comey's not a very good liar.