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Originally Posted by oxat622 View Post

Princeton stopped winning. That's what happened. The last time they played was 2008 when Princeton had Ware, Duckworth, Dwayne Woods etc. and they still couldn't. Should've beat Moeller in 2001 at Galbraith Field
As an outsider of both schools I can say I heard the legend of those games.

What happened was the GMC. The game usually went in week 10. The GMC had three rival games week 10. Princeton/Moeller, Oak HIlls/Elder and Colerain/Lasalle. The other 7 GMC schools had a hard time scheduling week 10 so they voted to move the 7 conference schedule to weeks 4-10. Princeton and Moeller could not accommodate that move and the series went away.

All 3 of those series has suffered. Moeller/Princeton never made a return. Oak Hills/Elder has been played in weeks 1, 2, and 3, but has gone away again. Colerain/LaSalle had stopped and now bounced from week 3 to week 1. I think they just reupped for 2 more years.
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