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Lower Tier:
This is a toss up between Lowellville and Columbiana -- I wouldn't take the Clippers first game to heart to much. 1. It was the first game of the season 2. The refs let them play 3. It was Columbiana/ South Range this game has become rather intense as of late. 4. Columbiana's girls were playing for the first time with a brand new head coach. Scrimmages and summer shoot outs don't do justice when it comes to game time.
Columbiana is making a push to be top dog in the lower tier, I really can't wait to see them and Lowellville, it should be a great game.
-The other teams, I really think 3-8 is a toss up, I'd notch the top 2 spots to the Rockets and Clippers, and everyone else will just fall into place from there.

The upper Tier
--This is Uniteds to lose, If anyone can beat them, its South Range, but they are young, come the end of the year they will be a pretty solid team, but United has a pretty strong tradition and just keep reloading. I see United and South Range at 1 and 2. Crestview at 3. Crestview MIGHT be able to get one of the top 2 teams, but if any coach scouted the Columbiana/Crestview game, Columbiana eliminated her completely from the game.

As far as players
Harrison, Naples, Fullum, Pierce, Zehentenbuer? (I know this is wrong, someone please correct me) I know there are many more. I just haven't really kept up with names as of late.

Columbiana 86 Sebring 22 - or something like that, I do believe Baylie Mook lead the way with 33 points.
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