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Originally Posted by njaa62 View Post
These are the front runners for the title and the sad part is one will be champ and the others won't even be runner ups. We all know the state will pair R21 vs R23 in the semi and we will have another blow out in the final. I still feel the champ will be a MAC school. Even if they are vunerable this year, you can't mess with the fact that they are always well oiled machines when it comes to the play-offs.
If Region 21 makes it to the championship game, the representative will be able to hold their own this year (Can't speak for region 23). You say it will be a blow out well that depends on how you define it. Do I think the game will come down to the final seconds, probably not. But mark my words the game will be respectable. I see a team on the western side of the state winning, but not by more than 21 points.
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