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Originally Posted by Worm02 View Post
Now what would make you say that? J/P, lol. They play a different brand of football over there. The MAC schools are so tough. It will be interesting to see how Ada finishes.
I really think that the Division 6 MAC teams are vulnerable this year. This might be the one year where we don't see a MAC school in the State Championship. And even if one makes it, I don't see a blowout happening this year.

Believe me I have mad respect for the MAC, I just think that it just so happens that both Maria Stein and St. Johns are very good, when they are usually unbelieveably good.

Just so I make myself clear, I do think that a MAC school will probably win Division 6 this year, but the scores will probably be alot closer than in recent memory. And I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Ada or McComb representing western Ohio in the State title game.
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