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Originally Posted by wolves82 View Post
I did think and posted numbers showing you the foolishness of your statements.

For the record, I have posted twice that I agree with Winker in the OF and leading off, and Billy as 4th OF. But I dispute your claim that by doing this it is not plausible to expect the Reds as a team to increase their runs scored by 100. I explained why.

Assuming that Winker plays 150 plus games as leadoff, maintains his 2017 OBP rate (yet to be proven), he could score 100 runs. That is +15 over Billy.

But expecting Billy to score the other 85 as a pinch runner is a pure dream. You did not answer my questions about that. Re-read that and answer it.
Billy would have to score even more than 85 as a pinch runner. He would have to score the 85 he scored last year PLUS what the guys that he replaced on the bases would have scored anyway -- ALL in a very limited role.

I agree that, while this might be a possibility as a lineup change, to say the Reds as a team would score 100 more runs by doing this just doesn't measure up when the entire picture is analyzed.

Nice idea to surmise, though. Thanks, IndianDad, for bringing it up.

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