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Originally Posted by DonMagicRon View Post
That's good to hear. Regardless the Warriors are going to have to rely even more on the defense. The starting defense gave up 0 points in the second half of all 4 games played in September. And rely more on the special teams, Robbie Lewis placekicking and punting. Edwards, Grissom and Jetter on punt/kickoff returns. And the Warriors have already blocked 3 opponents punts this season. If we can stop getting behind early, we should be ok against Loveland.
I agree with you. Defense is strong this year, and special teams are as well. On kickoffs, with the exception of one run back for a td, most all of our opponents start at or inside the 20 yard line. A lot of touchbacks this year - really lengthens the field and I think has helped our defense - especially since we've been falling behind early. It's hard for a team to go up against our "D" and constantly have to cover 80 yards to score. Punts have been good as well. I think there were three inside the 20 last week alone and at least one inside the 5. Coverage has been excellent on most of these as well. WW has got to use what's available to them - which is a lot - even if we are banged up a little.
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