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Originally Posted by mrsimp06 View Post
I just watched the game again on TV and I'll say he looked alot better then the week before, and the game experience will only make him better. Shouldn't the guard who was hurt during the summer be coming back soon?
You would think. He been out 7 to 8 weeks. Don't know what kind of football shape he will be in. Man we are tired and hurting. Another bad side effect of this schedule I love so much. It's been weekly physical wars all the way back to summer scrimmages. And to be D2 and going against GCL, GMC and GWOC schools and not to forget Thurgood is taking a physical toll I didn't expect. Luckily we have good depth in a lot of positions maybe except the one we are all concerned about and the oline. It's going to be tough but I think we can still get Loveland with superior defense and special teams play. And some players on defense may see some time on offense this week.
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