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UnTouchableVoL33 10-27-12 12:52 PM

Article: Norwood Indians win 7 straight & claim SBAAC Championship as 1st year member
The Norwood Indians 9-1(4-0) ran past, around, and through the pre-season favorite DII Western Brown Broncos who finished their season with a 8-2(3-1) on a cold rainey Senior night in the tri-state area by halftime the score was 33-7 and the Norwood Indians knew they had a title in their grasps. In the second half the Indians were in the mode of keeping the clock moving and when they scored their last TD in the 4th quarter it was 39-14 and the game was over. Western Brown scored on a last possession 15 year TD run to make the final score a lot closer than it was 39-29. The Indians Senior RB Gabe Rice had 239 yards in the 1st half alone and a total of 325 yards on 27 carries in the game. The final score doesn't reflect how dominate this performance really was. The Western Brown Bronco's were averaging 40 points and plus a game and Norwood coming in had only giving up 61 points all year. The Indians won their 7th game in a row and went undefeated in the SBAAC in their 1st year in the league. You could tell back in the middle of the season that Norwood wanted to prove and show the SBAAC that their records of the past were not because of bad Norwood teams but because of the competition in the former FAVC which was a DI league with Norwood being DIV the smallest school. They were playing harder compitition which really primed them up for their new league which has schools more evenly matched by school size. This theory proved to be right when they won 4 straight away games and the 1st 3 were homecoming games during their undefeated campaign through the SBAAC which personally I've never seen before and add they were picked to finish last too. This is Norwood's 1st league championship since 1988 and 1984 their defense has been amazing all season and with their balance of rushing and passing makes them a great contender in region 16. The DIV Region 16 play-offs are now upon the Indians and they will host their 1st round game as the #2 or #3 seed by the end of Saturday the 27th they will know who they will be hosting.

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