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Combat Nerd 09-29-12 12:27 AM

Article: Backyard Brawl, Centerville Wins
The Centerville Elks and their vaunted triple option attack traveled to Roush Stadium this Friday night to take on GWOC Central rival Fairmont Firebirds. The Elks came in needing a win to salvage their playoff hopes while the Firebirds were just looking to salvage some pride. The fans got pumped as paratroopers brought the game ball in style!

The Firebirds struck first tearing apart the Elks defense in a drive capped by a 2 yard touchdown run by Damon Bahns. Tom West kicked the PAT to make the score 7-0 with 04:07 to go in the 1st quarter. West then kicked a 28 yard field goal to make it 10-0 Firebirds with 00:56 to go in the 1st quarter. Fairmont began to struggle a bit moving the ball in the 2nd quarter, but managed to get close enough for a Tom West 30 yard field goal (I believe this was actually a 39 yarder but the GWOC website says 30) with 00:12 to go in the half. That took the game into half time with the Firebirds up 13-0.

Both teams continued to play solid defensively to start the 2nd half. A momentum changing play occurred when Fairmontís long snapper launched the snap well over the punterís head resulting in a turnover on downs inside Fairmontís 10 yard line. That resulted in a 3 yard touchdown run by Jimmy Brooks capped by a Jason Kaczala PAT to make the score 13-7 Fairmont with 01:55 to go in the 3rd quarter. Centerville got on the board again with 09:30 to go in the 4th on a Jason Kaczala 27 yard field goal to make the score 13-10 Fairmont. Both teams continued to play lights out defense as it looked like the scoring would end there. Then the unthinkable happened. Centerville launched a punt well over the Fairmont punt returnerís head. There was a scramble for the bouncing ball that resulted in Centerville retaining possession of the ball. With momentum on their side and a short field, the Elks quickly punched in the go ahead touchdown on a 3 yard Jimmy Brooks run with 05:39 to go in the game. Jason Kaczlaís PAT made it 17-13 Centerville. Fairmont threatened to regain the lead, but Centervilleís defense was too stingy as the game ended 17-13 Centerville.

Smelly F 09-29-12 11:19 PM

Were the officials at this game just laid off by the NFL?

BJV07 10-13-12 12:30 PM


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