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Yappi 09-01-12 05:35 PM

Week 2 Game Highlight Videos
A new feature that we are adding here will be a weekly highlight video thread. If you create or stumble upon a highlight video of a game, please post it here:

To post a youtube video, look at the "share" link. The link should read something like: http://youtu.be/20D_iHyFWg8

Take the text after the last "/" and put it between the following code like this:
[ youtube ]20D_iHyFWg8[ /youtube ]
* remove spaces in above code

Yappi 09-02-12 09:17 PM

Triway 29 Orrville 20

Yappi 09-02-12 09:21 PM

Elida Bulldogs 21 Wapakoneta Redskins 14

Yellow_Jacket06 09-03-12 04:12 AM

Sidney 17 Bellefontaine 14

LeopardNation 09-03-12 10:11 AM

North Canton Hoover 41, Louisville Leopards 14

Pictures, Story, and Stats from Louisville Vs. Hoover Varsity Football 2012


Louisville Vs. Hoover JV Story and Pictures

Fightingfor7crusader 09-04-12 03:03 PM

Couldn't figure out how to embed but here is a little clip from Moeller's running back during their victory over Grand Rapids. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/187651/highlights/16608672

C-rainMan 09-04-12 06:56 PM

Colerain vs Ryle

bluedevilblitz 09-04-12 07:19 PM


Fatman 09-04-12 09:20 PM

If you want to see Iggy in action, you can see the entire game against
De La Salle


Fatman 09-04-12 10:16 PM

McDowell - Mentor (Ohio) Hi-lights


MidnightLightProd 09-25-12 02:37 PM


Mentor vs. (Erie) McDowell

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