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Yappi 08-25-12 12:14 PM

Week 1 Game Highlight Videos
A new feature that we are adding here will be a weekly highlight video thread. If you create or stumble upon a highlight video of a game, please post it here:

To post a youtube video, look at the "share" link. The link should read something like: http://youtu.be/20D_iHyFWg8

Take the text after the last "/" and put it between the following code like this:
[ youtube ]20D_iHyFWg8[ /youtube ]
* remove spaces in above code

MiddieMagic12 08-25-12 01:37 PM

Just a few highlights from Middletown/St.X:


Middie 85 Alum 08-25-12 01:56 PM

Magic nice video. You take it?

Chainsawsdad 08-26-12 08:52 AM

Highlight video from Covingtons game with New Bremen.


MountaineerMayhem 08-26-12 11:32 AM

Mentor Cardinals intro video:


WX Dude 08-26-12 01:10 PM

Winton Woods vs Wayne

Didn't have time for full highlights, but just one dramatic hit--Both players walked away.

C-rainMan 08-26-12 07:10 PM

Colerain vs Pickerington Central

South2013 08-26-12 10:48 PM

Willoughby South highlights Vs. NDCL (43 to 24)
Kareem Hunt:
- 460 all-purpose yards
- 1st play of the game, 99 yard KO return
- Two TD(s) via. a KickOff Return

1st play - Kareem Hunt's 99 yard return
2nd play - Tyler Rus on KickOff drops the ball carrier at the 6 yard line
3rd play - Thomas Venclauskas sacks the QB at NDCL's 3 yard line


gocats1984 08-27-12 12:43 AM

Some highlights from the Ignatius vs. Mooney game here:

WX Dude 08-27-12 07:56 PM

It will be available for the next month or so.

FormerWildcat 08-28-12 02:12 PM

Here are the highlights of the Reynoldsburg/New Albany game.


adselder09 08-29-12 10:59 PM


Elder vs Centerville, Elder highlights


News highlights

Yellow_Jacket06 08-29-12 11:06 PM

Sidney @ St. Marys (Sound is messed up at certain parts.)

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