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wls_color 02-22-18 09:49 AM

Ohio Heritage Conference 2018
Just over 6 months away! Haha.

BlessEmAll 02-23-18 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by wls_color (Post 6992927)
Just over 6 months away! Haha.

OHC looks very tough in 2018. Greeneview, Mechanicsburg, WLS, West Jeff, all should be very good. GV has been on a great run lately. Two playoff wins over SWBL schools, both by 1 point.

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wls_color 02-28-18 08:04 AM

2018 Schedules - OHC North

08/24 A Richwood North Union
08/31 H Lewistown Indian Lake
09/07 H Jamestown Greeneview
09/14 A London Madison-Plains
09/21 H South Charleston Southeastern
09/28 A West Jefferson
10/05 H Springfield Northeastern
10/12 A West Liberty-Salem
10/19 A North Lewisburg Triad
10/26 H Mechanicsburg

08/24 A Springfield Kenton Ridge
08/31 H De Graff Riverside
09/07 H South Charleston Southeastern
09/14 A Jamestown Greeneview
09/21 H London Madison-Plains
09/28 A West Liberty-Salem
10/05 H West Jefferson
10/12 H North Lewisburg Triad
10/19 A Springfield Northeastern
10/26 A Milford Center Fairbanks

08/24 H Worthington Christian
08/31 H Springfield Northwestern
09/07 H London Madison-Plains
09/14 A South Charleston Southeastern
09/21 H Jamestown Greeneview
09/28 H North Lewisburg Triad
10/05 A Milford Center Fairbanks
10/12 A West Jefferson
10/19 H Mechanicsburg
10/26 A West Liberty-Salem

08/24 A Bradford
08/31 H Mount Victory Ridgemont
09/07 A Springfield Catholic Central
09/14 H Springfield Greenon
09/21 A Cedarville
09/28 A Springfield Northeastern
10/05 H West Liberty-Salem
10/12 A Mechanicsburg
10/19 H Milford Center Fairbanks
10/26 H West Jefferson

West Jefferson
08/24 H Duncan Falls Philo
08/31 H Columbus Bishop Ready
09/07 A Springfield Greenon
09/14 H Cedarville
09/21 A Springfield Catholic Central
09/28 H Milford Center Fairbanks
10/05 A Mechanicsburg
10/12 H Springfield Northeastern
10/19 H West Liberty-Salem
10/26 A North Lewisburg Triad

West Liberty-Salem
08/24 A St Paris Graham
08/31 H Bellefontaine Benjamin Logan
09/07 A Cedarville
09/14 H Springfield Catholic Central
09/21 A Springfield Greenon
09/28 H Mechanicsburg
10/05 A North Lewisburg Triad
10/12 H Milford Center Fairbanks
10/19 A West Jefferson
10/26 H Springfield Northeastern

wls_color 02-28-18 08:07 AM

2018 Schedules - OHC South

Catholic Central
08/24 A Grove City Christian
08/31 H Cincinnati Country Day
09/07 H North Lewisburg Triad
09/14 A West Liberty-Salem
09/21 H West Jefferson
09/28 A London Madison-Plains
10/05 H Springfield Greenon
10/12 A South Charleston Southeastern
10/19 A Jamestown Greeneview
10/26 H Cedarville

08/24 A Union City Mississinawa Valley
08/31 H Lees Creek East Clinton
09/07 H West Liberty-Salem
09/14 A West Jefferson
09/21 H North Lewisburg Triad
09/28 A South Charleston Southeastern
10/05 H London Madison-Plains
10/12 H Jamestown Greeneview
10/19 A Springfield Greenon
10/26 A Springfield Catholic Central

08/24 A Arcanum
08/31 H Waynesville
09/07 A Milford Center Fairbanks
09/14 H Mechanicsburg
09/21 A Springfield Northeastern
09/28 A Springfield Greenon
10/05 H South Charleston Southeastern
10/12 A Cedarville
10/19 H Springfield Catholic Central
10/26 H London Madison-Plains

08/24 A Springfield Shawnee
08/31 H Hamilton New Miami
09/07 H West Jefferson
09/14 A North Lewisburg Triad
09/21 H West Liberty-Salem
09/28 H Jamestown Greeneview
10/05 A Springfield Catholic Central
10/12 A London Madison-Plains
10/19 H Cedarville
10/26 A South Charleston Southeastern

08/24 A Williamsport Westfall
08/31 H London
09/07 A Springfield Northeastern
09/14 H Milford Center Fairbanks
09/21 A Mechanicsburg
09/28 H Springfield Catholic Central
10/05 A Cedarville
10/12 H Springfield Greenon
10/19 H South Charleston Southeastern
10/26 A Jamestown Greeneview

08/24 H Springfield Northwestern
08/31 A St Paris Graham
09/07 A Mechanicsburg
09/14 H Springfield Northeastern
09/21 A Milford Center Fairbanks
09/28 H Cedarville
10/05 A Jamestown Greeneview
10/12 H Springfield Catholic Central
10/19 A London Madison-Plains
10/26 H Springfield Greenon

The Dock 02-28-18 08:35 AM

Watch out for Fairbanks, in the north. They’ll be good!

nwwarrior09 02-28-18 08:40 AM

Fairbanks has a lot of talent coming through the ranks at the moment. They'll be really, really good at some point in the next couple years.

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wls_color 02-28-18 01:30 PM

I too think Fairbanks will be a contender this season. WLS, West Jefferson and Mechanicsburg will all be in the hunt too. No clear front-runner for the first time in a long time I'd say. Except in the south, I believe Greeneview will again rule the roost.

Anyone have a list of underclassmen that will be back for each team?

gcfqn 03-22-18 02:12 PM

Is London joining this conference in 2019?

nwwarrior09 03-22-18 02:13 PM

London is going to the CBC.

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troyboy73 03-22-18 03:06 PM

Will Catholic Central have a football program this fall?

wls_color 08-07-18 10:21 AM

Almost that time!

How's it looking for everyone?

I don't see much change from what I said above. Should be an interesting season. Overall I believe the OHC is stronger this year than they were last season.

shoprat2 08-09-18 12:35 AM

Did hear that the Irish have 24 players now.

wls_color 08-09-18 06:46 AM


Originally Posted by shoprat2 (Post 7080268)
Did hear that the Irish have 24 players now.

That's actually a decent number for them.

Has anyone come across any previews? I saw Southeastern had one on the SNS website, but nothing else.

Grevw fan 08-09-18 07:48 AM

Have not seen anything except the southeastern article

troyboy73 08-09-18 07:51 AM

21 for Central.

catscatscats 08-09-18 08:14 AM

There was an article on low numbers at central in sns. Sad where this program has went. Wasn’t that long ago they were consistent playoff team

nwwarrior09 08-09-18 08:38 AM

I consider Central being up in the low 20s to be good news. I figured they'd be at risk of not being able to field a team this year considering half of the 17-18 players they had last year were seniors.

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shoprat2 08-10-18 12:13 AM

Central has the same problem everyone else is suffering through. Kids are dropping sports Fb sees it worse because the sport needs more bodies for a team. It has not been that long ago that about 75% of the boys in school played at least one sport now fewer kids are playing and many of those players are encouraged by coaches and parents to specialize. So now we are in a spot where another thread talked about schools playing eight man fb. I can see that happening in the OHC with SE,Scc and Cedarville all with low student bodies numbers.

sportsvoice 08-10-18 07:23 PM

What are the numbers like at Cedarville this year? I know for the past couple years, they have hovered around 20 or so.

Grevw fan 08-11-18 12:12 PM

I hear they are around 30...couple of move ins...hraring they are excited about this team

nwwarrior09 08-11-18 12:25 PM

I thought Cedarville had a few nice players last year. If they actually have decent numbers and depth, they could be interesting with the QB they have IMO.

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Grevw fan 08-11-18 03:19 PM

I agree...It would be nice the south needs to get better

snake86 08-11-18 04:35 PM


Originally Posted by Grevw fan (Post 7080315)
Have not seen anything except the southeastern article

Friday August 10th Scrimmage
Miami East 7 TD Southeastern 0
Miami East JV 1 TD Southeastern 3

wresfan 08-12-18 09:28 AM

Greeneview needs to win some playoff ganes

El Indio 08-13-18 07:26 AM

What are the 8/17 match ups before the season starts? Anyone know?

Tigers Best 08-13-18 09:08 PM


shoprat2 08-13-18 11:14 PM

Interesting story in Spfld News-Sun about Central. Confirms what cats said about having 20 players. What I found interesting was talk about a complete change in offense and defensive philosophy. Sorry I don’t know how to post a link. ��

Jet19 08-17-18 05:30 PM

Anyone have any jamboree scores? Thanks in advance!! They moved the Northeastern vs Kenton Ridge game to Evans stadium in Springfield tonight.

Grevw fan 08-17-18 10:07 PM

Greeneview 38- Blanchester-0

Atowntigers 08-17-18 10:10 PM

Ansonia 42-7 over Catholic Central at half

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