View Full Version : Which Ohio NFL team will win a Super Bowl first?

05-09-18, 03:30 PM
Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals
Another Team That Moves To Ohio
A New NFL Franchise that starts in the future in Ohio
No Ohio team will ever win a Super Bowl

05-12-18, 09:04 AM
Not in my life time. And when it does I hope it is the Browns. The man dies and is greeted at the pearly gates by St Peter and he is welcomed into heaven. The man say to St Peter he wonder if before going to heaven if he could see hell because he had hear so much about it. St Peter says OK Go down the elevator when the doors open look but do not get off because you can not get back on. Down he went door open he looked and then back up to the gates. St Peter asked what did it look like since he had never seen it. The man says when it was not all fire and bream stone like reported but all frozen and ice. At that point St peter says " Well what do you know the Browns won the Super Bowl!!!!"