View Full Version : New Yappi Polls Forum - Participate Everyday

04-28-18, 02:19 PM
As many of you know, the Spring/Summer is a little slower around here. This creates a great need on this site. The goal everyday is to get 1000 posts. That is the level needed to keep this site running. We don't have a problem getting that many posts in the Fall and Winter but this time of the year it becomes a struggle. The reason for this new forum is to put popular topics in one section at the top of the forum so it is easy to find and follow these threads. Please vote in these polls everyday and participate in the threads.

Everyday there will be new polls posted about a wide variety of topics from sports to current events. Please take the time to participate everyday and see what other members of the Yappi Sports community think about current topics. The polls will be open for 14 days on each topic.